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  • Imax Innovation Case Study

    This class, though we spent the majority of time talking about innovation, both sustaining and disruptive, was at its heart a class about convergence. In layman’s terms, convergence is the coming together of two or more distinct entities or experiences. There are three main lenses through which we at convergence, technological, economic, and cultural. Technological convergence occurs when existing technologies come together in a way that inspires new use or creates new applications. An example of this type of convergence would be the Xbox. The Xbox one combines a gaming system, DVD/BluRay player, radio, and webcam into one cohesive offering. All of these technologies existed independent of one another; the convergence brought the existing tech…

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  • Multi Modal Media

    & Deuze 2001). Essentially, network journalism is a new sub-genre of media, allowed to come about as a result of the internet and the massive number of users on it (Bardoel & Deuze 2001). Quite simply, this concept can be broken down into three core ways that it is changing popular culture. The first, according to the source, is that it has the potential to make the journalist as an intermediary force in democracy somewhat superfluous (Bardoel & Deuze 2001). This convergence of media, according…

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  • Social Media Privacy

    information can spread through social media. Technological convergence provides us access to more things than we could ever imagine. With little effort we can check our bank accounts, stream Netflix, video chat with friends all over the world, and read a book on our phones. This is due to what Jenkins refers to as Convergence Culture. Convergence culture is defined as an era where old and new media collide and multiple forms of media merge together. One of Jenkins main focuses’ is on…

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  • Accounting Convergence

    on the problem of international convergence of Chinese Accounting Standards can be found with the increasing development of economic globalisation and the acceleration of the international capital market, international standards has caused the wide attention of…

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  • Media Convergence Analysis

    In the article “The cultural logic of media convergences,” Henry Jenkins argues that the meaning of media convergence cannot be simply defined as a development of technology that combines different types of media into one platform, and it is a process that created by media audiences’ desire for more entertainment and the cooperation among many media industries for fulfilling those audiences’ behavior. For a further understanding of convergence, Jenkins believes that it is a shift of culture that…

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  • Fantasy In Ernest Bormann's The Breakfast Club

    through dramatization and rhetorical vision. “Rhetorical vison is considered to be construction of a groups world view”. Once engaged in the fantasy, the theme itself creates a cohesiveness within the group. He incorporated fantasy themes into his theory called symbolic convergence theory, which involves “sharing group fantasies that create symbolic…

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  • Convergence In Relation To The Internet

    Medoff and Kaye define the internet as a worldwide network of computers and has emerged rapidly as a new mass medium (2011, p.7). Additionally, the internet is a product of convergence which is described as “the merging of communications and information capabilities over an integrated electronic media” as cited by Medoff and Kaye (2011, p.7). Convergence in relation to the internet includes many features of traditional media such as text, graphic, moving pictures and sound all into one unique…

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  • Theological Convergence Summary

    H. Edward Pruitt starts 100 Years of Theological Convergence: Edinburgh 1910 to Lausanne 2010 with an introduction. In this introduction, he starts off with his thesis; “This thesis argues that a theological convergence developed out of the ecumenism that existed within the Edinburgh 1910 Global Missions Conference, and that this ecumenism grew from Edinburg 1910 until the Lausanne Movement that began in 1974, at which point it began to flourish” (Pruitt 5). He then defines some terms and lists…

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  • The Maya Collapse

    results in the perseveration of sediment integrity and thus, provided the geologists with a natural clock to determine when the sediments were laid down using yearly resolution (Peterson and Haug 2005, 324). It has been argued that the rainfall record of Cariaco Basin cannot provide insight on the rainfall record of most Maya sites because of the distance between the locations: for example, the site at Tikal, Guatemala which is 2,700 kilometers away from the Cariaco Basin (Aimers 2011, 45).…

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  • Film: The Convergence Of Mass Media

    Although the newspaper and various magazines are still available in print, they are now more conveniently accessible with a touch of a screen via laptop or smartphone. Media convergence is merely a term used to describe all the changes that have occurred in the last decade and continue to transpire in the media (Campbell, Martin, & Fabos, 2013, p. 11). Media convergence has played a pivotal role in many people’s lives. People now have easy access to the information or products they need. Instead…

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