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  • Conversation Cafe Essay

    Adina, Maddie and I decided to be a team for the conversation café. We told one another to brainstorm a few ideas for a topic for the conversation café. Later, we created a Facebook group message to discuss about our ideas for the topic and use this method for our communication with another. We all agreed to use Adina’s topic: Is Clark preparing you for the future? First, we wanted to have our conversation café at the Maywood Lounge, but I thought it will be better to book a room at the library. Therefore, it will give us privacy and the place will be neutral everyone. They agreed and I booked Prouty room on the fourth floor for our conversation café. We used Facebook to inform Clark students about our event. We invited fifty one people on Facebook and eleven people showed interest and six people said “going”. We wanted to have our conversation before…

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  • Crucial Conversations Analysis

    This week’s reading made me introspect about my personal opinions and emotions during crucial conversations. Honestly, I was taken aback when Patterson Grenny, McMillan, and Switzler(2012) discussed we, ourselves are the reason to create emotions that upset us (frustration, anger, fear, and insult). Further, the authors discuss that once these emotions are created we either act on them or be acted on by them (p.104). Last week, I faced a not-so-pleasant situation with one of the certified…

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  • Crucial Conversation Analysis

    Seven of Crucial Conversations: Tools for talking when the stake are high, the authors begin when addressing the issue of how to speak honestly and safely at the same time. Approaching someone with personal information about themselves can be quite risky due to the nature of the relationship and topic. Safety is required when trying speak to someone honestly. When we addresses someone with a risky issue, use an appropriate opening statement. If one has a personal relationship with the…

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  • Modems To Modem Conversation Analysis

    Pinker believes that people have so much trouble communicating because people are very sensitive and words can carry a lot of unnoticed weight behind them. Words are not the only thing that can be perceived in a variety of ways, however, as I have noticed that tone can be completely misread as well. Misinterpreted tone can turn a casual, sarcastic comment into a rude jab, or an honest compliment into an inappropriate come-on. Conversations are like playing Jenga, one wrong move and the entire…

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  • Cross-Cultural Differences In Sex, Lies And Conversation By John Tannen

    In “Sex, Lies and Conversation”, Tannen explains three cross-cultural differences men and women encounter when trying to communicate with each other. The first main reason is basically how men and women have different ways of listening and communicating. Men have one form that women usually interpret as not listening, and women have another form that men interpret as interruption during a conversation. The second reason, discuses the different responses the opposite gender give to one another…

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  • Harvey Sacks Model Of Conversation Analysis

    Conversation Analysis (CA) is a concept that emerged between 1964 and 1975 due to research undertaken, and lectures produced, by Harvey Sacks. Despite Sacks’ early death, before he managed to publish his works professionally, we are still aware of his discovery of CA through other sociologists and linguists. An example of this can be seen where Hutchby and Wooffitt (2008) discuss how ‘Sacks originated a radical research programme which was designed to investigate the levels of social order which…

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  • Cultural Differences In Communication

    tone in her voice and I was asked to clarify what my questions meant. Eventually, the confusion turned into frustration and I stopped. As I was conducting this experiment, and even after I had finished, I felt like I was being annoying. Because I have been trained to believe that when people ask a lot of questions that are explained through commonsense they are being bothersome. I disliked this portion of the experiment. During this conversation, I noticed that there was a low level of…

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  • Assignment II: Impression Analysis

    Journal #3 After taking the inventory my Mom received a high context score of 29 and a low context score of 38 with a difference of nine. I received a high context score of 32 and a low context score of 39 with a difference of seven. We are very similar in our low context scores and pretty similar in our high context scores. After discussing our results and what they mean, we decided that we definitely are more direct when talking and we aren't as likely to pick up on things like emotional tone…

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  • Relational Communication Case Study

    Practicing self-awareness would require for both to know how their thoughts, emotions and behaviors affect others and to manage themselves so that the other person can feel as important part of the conversation. This could also helped them be more comfortable with themselves so they can relate to other with genuine confidence and kindness. Self-awareness would have allowed them to let the other communicate what is important to them without letting their personal issues complicate the…

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  • Family Experiences And Conflicts In Fences By August Wilson

    The author reveals the differences in African American generations. Troy and Bono conversation dwells in their past life experiences and broken relationships with their fathers living in the South (1.4.110). The existence of their previous experiences provides them with a clear insight and differences between their generation and present. For Example, Troy’ father was unsuccessful sharecropper, who Troy as a son, provides a continuation of generation in the south (1.4.110). Troy and Bono…

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