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  • How Does Social Media Affect Business

    business will fail. There are many forms of marketing that can be used to showcase you company and get your name out there. Social Media is a popular form and can be very economical for starting out. Jayson Demers of states, some of the importance of using social media for a startup is, increasing brand recognition, brand loyalty, more opportunities that can convert, higher conversion rates than conventional marketing, a higher brand authority, increased traffic, lower marketing costs,…

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  • Conversion Therapy Essay

    Conversion Therapy (reparative therapy) should be banned! Conversion therapy also known as (reparative therapy) consists of a range of treatments psychologists give to their patients that aim to change an individual’s sexual orientation, or sexual identity from homosexual to heterosexual. Many have made complaints about conversion therapy. For example, that it is harmful not only to the adults who attend this program but especially harmful to the minors who are forced into this…

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  • Whitman Massacre Analysis

    traumatic events on victims’ psychological and spiritual influences and the need for cross-specialty study. They compared their findings to that of a study done on the Mann Gulch Smokejumpers to gain perspective on human reaction during and directly after a life threatening event. When examining the 1993 flooding in the Midwestern United States, they also found that pre-existing religious connections influenced coping mechanisms in much the same way. O’Grady postulates that “these findings…

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  • Blessings Of Solar Energy

    it is able to maintain our energy requirements easily. Many scientists have found that the best potential of solar energy is its use in industries and homes as a supply for temperature control. It is beneficial to be familiar with the previous demanding situations the solar industry has faced in the last couple of decades, to absolutely recognize the possibilities and potentials, as well as limits, solar energy now has. Some prevailing problems that existed in the past are still yet to be…

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  • Adoption Of Solar Power

    plentiful energy on earth is solar energy, producing more than 10,000 times the energy the world needs. The Earth is constantly being hit with173,000 terawatts of solar energy (U.S. Dept. of Energy, “2012 Top 6”). With advances in solar technologies and government energy credits, a solar power circuit can be a clean and economical source of energy. There are many factors that have an effect on how efficiently a solar power circuit operates. Sunlight impacts different parts of the Earth…

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  • Community Garden Essay

    The purpose of this paper is to argue for the implementation of an organized community garden program at UC Santa Barbara by first establishing the potential effectiveness of horticulture at advancing access to fresh food and promoting personal wellbeing among the student population. In doing so, this paper will examine several key question regarding the benefits of agricultural production on campus and its feasibility. First, how much food could be grown on campus and how does this compare to…

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  • Helios Document Analysis

    This document includes information about the project Helios, which is a solar powered wrist worn fitness tracker. Within this document is a project overview, objective/goals of Helios, risks associated with the project and a project timeline. This is in order to ensure that the stakeholders: Kingston Steele, Don Heer, Rachael Cate and Akash Kannegulla and the contributors: Bridget Donohue, Maricela Valenzuela and Al-Khatab Al-Busaidi have the same objectives and understanding regarding this…

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  • Positive Aspects Of Nuclear Energy

    s nuclear power worth the risk? Are the positive aspects of nuclear power worth the possible negative outcomes? To use nuclear power, Uranium atoms must split, which is called fission. The heat produced from fission is what makes the water turn into steam. The steam is what makes the turbines turn and the turbines are used to generate electricity. Do the positive effects of using nuclear power out weight the possibility of building nuclear weapons? I think with government regulations and…

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  • Ethics Of SOCE Therapy

    developmental adaptation, or a disease by mental health professionals. Various forms of sexual orientation change efforts(SOCE) therapy or conversion therapy, including "electric shocks," would be used to treat or cure the disorder. However, in 1973, homosexuality was declassified as a disease by the American Psychiatric Association and removed from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders(Vider). Nonetheless, although homosexuality isn 't considered a disease anymore, the…

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  • Mike Pence Argumentative Essay

    stance on conversion therapy for homosexuals. Despite United States Surgeon General David Satcher issuing a report in 2001 stating that there is no valid scientific evidence that sexual orientation can be modified or changed with medical or psychological intervention, Mike Pence has involved himself in supporting efforts that seem to be linked to conversion, or “reparative,” therapy. Fighting conversion therapy is nothing new to the LGBTQ+ community. Since the early Freudian period, many have…

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