Conversion Therapy Essay

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Conversion Therapy (reparative therapy) should be banned!

Conversion therapy also known as (reparative therapy) consists of a range of treatments psychologists give to their patients that aim to change an individual’s sexual orientation, or sexual identity from homosexual to heterosexual. Many have made complaints about conversion therapy. For example, that it is harmful not only to the adults who attend this program but especially harmful to the minors who are forced into this program by their parents. There have been cases where patients who attended conversion therapy have complained about loneliness, depression, social withdrawal, suicidality, substance abuse, self-hatred, mistreatment, and
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Psychologists believe being homosexual is a mental disorder or diseases, but people who are homosexual do not believe it is a disorder or disease, but it is a part of them that cannot be change even with treatment. According to the article "Homosexuality Cannot Be 'Cured '" by Casey Sanchez, he quoted "There is simply no sufficiently scientifically sound evidence that sexual orientation can be changed" (Sanchez). With regards to the issue concerning conversion therapy, there is no program that can cure individuals who are homosexual and there is no cure for them either. Although, these programs seek to help homosexual people convert in to heterosexual, they are not helping them out within ethical guidelines, instead these programs are actually causing individuals who participate in the program serious psychological damage. Those who go into conversion therapy seeking for help for their sexual orientation, come out damaged physically and emotionally, whereas instead of them feeling accepted for who they are, they feel like a sinner, a disease that is incurable, and a disgrace to …show more content…
According to Opposing Viewpoints article “"Homosexuality Cannot Be 'Cured '”, author Casey Sanchez, stated “Tom Otteson, said he was told that "it would be better if he were to commit suicide than to go back into the world and become a homosexual again.” Within this program, conversion therapy cause Tom Otteson to not be able to accept his own sexuality or who he is at the end of the day. Conversion therapy downgraded Tom Otteson, and stripped him to a level of a beast where he do not fit in society. Reparative therapy should be banned due to the fact it does not allow individuals who are homosexual to embrace and accept themselves, but instead break them into pieces and allowing them to isolate themselves from the world. The most devastating part of it all is conversion therapy is not only harming minors, but it is telling individuals who seek for therapy for their sexual orientation to kill themselves if they cannot turn

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