Reflective Essay On Christian Psychology

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As I was reading this article I was angry and felt as if i would not agree with anything said, however, once I regarded the time period and allowed myself to be open to the opinions of others, I began to see some similarities. They were few, but similarities nonetheless. I agree with Macarthur in the aspect of some psychologists disregarding the ability to be assisted by prayer, reading the Bible and meditation with God. I believe that those things are important and vital to finding peace and well as strength through mental and emotional difficulties. Practicing “Christian” Psychologists should never advise against them or promote activity that go against Biblical teaching.
In response to some of the things that I disagree with, yes, psychology was founded on secular principles but that does not make
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He seemed adamant in believing the negative and bias opinion that psychology is not an appropriate form of care and assistance. His complete lack of respect or view for another opinion has greatly inhibited him from knowledge that could refute his claims. Also, I find it odd that he stated in the beginning that there is no such thing as “Christian” psychology but then goes on to talk about how to be a real Christian Psychologist. Before speaking to someone from John MacArthur’s church I would want a more current knowledge of his stance as well as the indivudal beliefs of those I am speaking with. Although though they attend the chuirch that does not neccersily mean that adopt the same ideals on everything. I think I would need to be prepeared with a greater knowsheldge of the facts of psychology, by not only thise who praacctive it but those who have participatied in it. Also, the ability to speak about the integreation between faith and psychgoloy and how that

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