Heart Of Racial Justice Chapter 10 Analysis

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The Heart of Racial Justice- Ch. 10
Review: The purpose of chapter 10 in The Heart of Racial Justice is to demonstrate the important of our generation and the things that we need to do to change and reconcile our world. Part of our job is to influence others and assist the world in change. God has called us to be the Reconciliation Generation.
Reflection: This chapter was very inspiring for me. After reading it, I felt moved to make a difference and influence others. The things that this world as done to the people in it and all of the injustices that people experience, hurt my heart. I just do not understand how people can treat other people so negatively and not feel guilty about it. It makes me wonder what I can personally do to make this
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Nobody deserves to live their life in fear, no matter what race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation is. This example just goes to show how unjust our world us. In a world of justice, everyone would be treated equally and people would not have to fear what would happen to them. I have thought and reflected on my future as a social worker and how working with this population may affect me. Although I do not support homosexuality, I do not treat those who are homosexual any different, at least from the encounters that I have had thus far. I have considered, if I were to work in an adoption center, how I would react if I was working with a homosexual couple. I think it would be difficult for me to want to allow the couple to have a child, because it is important that a child has both a female and male figure in their life and I want what is best for the child. However, if I was not working for a Christian organization, it is likely that I would have to give this couple my full attention and competent work. I do not want to be unfair to others, but I also want to look out for the best for

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