The Pros And Cons Of Being Gay And Lesbians

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It appears that everyday more individuals are admitting to being attracted to people of the same sex. Sixty years ago this was unacceptable, now it is becoming a common thing to see or hear about. There is also a lot of controversy about this subject, some say you are born a homosexual and others say it is a choice. Either one can be the right answer but there is yet to be proof. Being gay or lesbian is not seen as a bad thing to many people. In the past few years, homosexuals have gained several rights such as gay marriage and adoption. They have also lost a lot of stigma attached to being gay or lesbian because society has become more accepting and understanding that some men like men and some women like women. Finally, they have gained rights and acceptance but most of all they have gained equality, not everyone agrees but majority of individuals heterosexual or homosexual don’t consider being gay a problem.

Dulaney, D.D, & Kelly, J. (1982). Improving services to gay and lesbian clients. National
Association of Social Workers,
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While reading this article the authors talked about how social workers were oppressing gays and lesbians, if knowing a homosexual personally affected the homophobia or fear of AIDS in males or females, and also if gays should endorse the same rights as heterosexuals. It was discussed that some social workers would refuse to help clients if they were aware of their homosexuality. This seems unfair due to the fact that they are still people regardless of the people they have sexual relations with. Also, it was brought forward that if the social workers did not refuse to work with the gay or lesbian clients, being aware of their same sex attraction would determine the caregiver’s attitude towards that person. For patients with AIDS or HIV they would treat them morally instead of

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