Is Homosexuality A Choice Essay

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Being Homosexual is a Choice
In today’s society people have become more open and public about their sexuality. Whether it is men with men or a woman with a woman it is something that is considered the new “normal.” We are supposed to except the lives people choose to make, but is it really a choice in the homosexual community? People claim they are born gay and can’t help who they love. What they fail to realize is we choose who we love, so therefore, yes we have the overall decision on who that person is. Being homosexual is absolutely a choice a person makes amongst themselves and the lifestyle they choose to live. Therefore homosexuality starts in early childhood based off of what they encounter, television that is watched and just trying
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Laws have been passed for their equal rights and have freedom like any other person. These laws were passed under the belief that being homosexual was something one was born with. That they could not help that they were attracted to the same sex. In Tia Ghose article “Being Gay Not a Choice: Science Contradicts Ben Carson” states, “Most scientist would disagree. Years of research suggest that people can’t change their sexual orientation because they want to, and that trying can cause mental anguish.”. In Ghose article it is also stated that, “other research has found that being gay or lesbian tends to run in families.” People who have homosexual relationships throughout their family are more than likely to become homosexual. They see these relationships and believe it is okay to do the same. Not necessarily because they want to but, because they were never taught the difference between right and wrong. With that being said some also might come to the conclusion that being gay or lesbian is more of something genetic. It has not been proved, but the question has arised and is continuously being investigated. Research is trying to see the difference between chromosomes that run in a family with multiple gay persons . So are you born really this way? This eventually leads to experimentation in the younger generations. Children see this affection as something normal and see no harm of being with the same sex. This affection of …show more content…
People were not familiar or completely understood homosexuality. Back then all people knew was it was not right and was against religious beliefs. So why has Television plays a huge role in the homosexual community. From shows like Modern Family, Glee, Orange is The New Black etc. has allowed homosexuality to become something that is normal to the human eye. From the Article “How TV Brought Gay People Into Our Home” states, “In five separate studies, professor Edward Schiappa and his colleagues at the University of Minnesota have found that the presence of gay characters on television programs decreases prejudices among viewers.” “Schiappa tells weekends on All Things Considered host Guy Raz that indeed, as Vice President Joe Biden said last Sunday, the hit TV show Will and Grace really did help America get to know gay people.” Television has brought homosexuality to the surface and has caused the homosexuality percentage to increase in the world. This has made people more curious about the homosexuality population and has given a clear insight to it. The curiosity level has increased and makes viewers want to know more about what homosexuals have to offer. Grey’s Anatomy gives a view on lesbian couples while Modern Family has gay couples. Before television was around and in every household the percentage of homosexuality was low. People were not familiar or they did not completely

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