Argument Essay On Marriage Equality

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In America, Marriage Equality is a very hot topic. Same sex marriage is now legal throughout America. Many people are not happy about it, but some people are. This topic will always be very questionable topic in America. A lot of people do not believe that gays should not be allowed to be married, but for now they are. No matter what the law says, people are going to always fight about what they believe in. People from both sides are convinced that they are right so they feel like they should argue about it which is making a big fight. In my opinion, I feel like gay marriage should be illegal. I feel like people should only be with the opposite sex, because that is what I was taught growing up. As a Christian, I believe it is wrong to be gay, …show more content…
A big thing is that the couple gets their marital benefits. When a couple gets married they get many great benefits that a single person wouldn’t get, so a homosexual would say this was fair to them. Denying some people the option to marry is discriminatory and creates a second class of citizens. (1) People want to believe that they can love the people that they want to love, not the people that they legally have too.
Another thing that a homosexual gains in they don’t have to “sneak around” anymore. (2) Even though they still may not be accepted by society, if they were allowed to get married they would be able to feel more comfortable with there loved one. Since gay marriage is legal, they feel like it should end much of the discrimination toward them. Homosexuals aren’t going down quiet, as they just got it passed by the supreme court that they are legal. This started up a whole new argument that will not end anytime soon. On the other, hand straight people who are anti gay are not letting this argument go without a
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But further than this homosexuals have a good reason that if they were legal then the number of children who got adopted every year would go up. (3) Since homosexuals obviously can’t have their own kids they have to have a backup plan, and the easiest way for them would be to adopt. Even though many places won’t let you adopt unless you have a mother and a father, if gays were legal, they would likely be forced to change this rule also which would start up a whole new argument. But anyways if homosexuals were allowed to adopt the children who are without homes that would help get the kids a home, no matter how solid that home is. This is important to get all kids home even though the kids will still have parents of the same sex. Overall, this is and will continue to be a very big argument all over America. If people aren’t getting their way they are going to continue complaining about it so this will likely never change. Many people from both sides wish that everyone would just live their own life and stop worrying about everyone else, but some people on both sides just want to fight about the whole

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