Sexual Orientation And Inequality

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Sexual orientation and inequality
Institution affiliation
Sexual orientation and inequality
Until recently same-sex marriage was illegal in the United States. People were arrested for being illegal for violating sodomy laws. The laws were finally outlawed in the year 2003 by the Texas court after a 6-3 was passed. The court asserted that all people have a constitutional right to engage in a consensual and private activity which anyone prefers. However, same-sex couples still face many problems up to date. Sexual orientation is still a basis of social inequalities similar to discriminations based on gender or race.
Some of the sexual orientation inequalities include bullying and violence. People who have gay and lesbian orientation
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However, there are laws which prohibit employers from discriminating people based on nationality, gender, religion or race. However, the law does not cater for sexual orientation and therefore it is legal for employees to discriminate people based on sexual orientation. The employers can also fire or fail promote employees based on their sexual orientation. There are states which prohibit employees from discrimination people based on their sexual orientation but a majority of the people, but in most of the states, the employers have the freedom to entirely refuse to employ or fire people who are gays or lesbians. Many companies have passed their own laws which prohibit discrimination of the employees based on sexual orientation and other policies which also prohibit discrimination based on gender identity (Kuper, Nussbaum & Mustanski, 2012). Many gays and lesbians reported having faced discrimination in the workplace because of their sexual orientation. Others reported to have been verbally abused, fired or failed to be employed because they were gays and …show more content…
They claim that marriages are meant for procreation, but same-sex couples do not have the ability to give birth hence they are not supposed to marry. The children of same-sex marriages face various psychological problems because they do not have both parents to consult. Boys need the comfort of their fathers while girls need advice from their mothers. They also claim that gays and lesbians undermine the institution of marriage which states that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. Proponents of same-sex marriages assert that gays and lesbians are families too. There are heterosexuals who do not bear children because they are not able or thy do not wish to get a child, and they are not discriminated. Therefore same-sex couples should not be prevented from marrying based on the reason that they cannot bear children. Other studies which have been carried out shows that children from same-sex marriages are psychologically healthy like other children from heterosexual marriages. There is also no evidence which shows that same-sex marriages have destroyed the institution of marriage because there are states which have legalized same-sex marriages (Herek, Gillis, & Cogan, 2015). In the countries where same-sex marriages have been legalized evidence shows that the gays and lesbian couples are stronger that heterosexual couples.
Most states also prohibit same-sex couples from adopting children.

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