Argumentative Essay On Lgbt

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How is it that problems such as bullying and suicide are so prominent in a world considered to be the most advanced it has ever been? Among today’s youth, suicide is an important and rising concern. In communities around the United States of America, this problem especially affects lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals. Bullying against such individuals is still a relevant issue despite efforts for equal rights. Support systems are an important part of stopping these reoccurring tragedies. From now on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender will be referred to as LGBT. Many alterable factors affect LGBT mental health including suicide prevention, bullying, and culture. In relation to suicide, there are many disparities between non-heterosexual youth and heterosexual youth. Suicide rates among LGBT youth are significantly higher than suicide rates for heterosexual youth (Hatzenbueler, 2011, p. 896). Suicide is an economical issue as well as a social and personal issue (“Facts”). People who attempt suicide are likely to try multiple times. The differences between straight and non-straight youth suicide rates are significant. “Studies of human sexuality have noted high rates of …show more content…
1 in 4 non-heterosexual children are predicted to be bullied per year (“Gay Bullying”, 2013). Bullying among children is already a problem in schools. Now that gay and lesbian politics have become such a large part of society, the opinions and politics of life have rubbed off on children. For someone who is already fragile in their self-identity, such as someone who is trying to find out their sexual orientation or gender identity, a bully can leave lasting psychological scars and trigger the start of depression. Examples of traits and behaviors that can initiate bullying behaviors against a person are gender non-conformity and “coming out” as LGBT (“Suicidal Ideation”, 2012, p.

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