Argumentative Essay On Gay Rights

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Register to read the introduction… Dating people with the same-sex is wrong for many people out here. They are afraid it infringes on their straight rights. Many people wouldn’t wanna see gay people holding hands out in public and kissing many people don’t want to see lesbians kissing out in public they think it’s wrong and nasty for others to see this. Gays are discriminated against, beaten and even murdered by even those of the same sexual preferences. People comment negative things to gays calling them queers and making fun of them. The Bible may say that being gay is wrong, but where does it say that in the …show more content…
Gay rights would make the world a better place. while accepting other people’s differences. Nobody can put themselves in their shoes, because they can’t choose whether they choose to be straight or gay, but discriminating them and stripping them from their civil rights, is just wrong and cruel of us as the United States, whom is also known as the county for freedom and our rights. We are hypocritical for saying how we have so many rights and we are such a free country, but when society dictates who can marry who, and people are being discriminated against and beaten on, that isn’t a practice of rights. Now, expressing you feel that homosexuality is a sin, is a religious right. But, on the other hand, telling a couple they can’t marry because of it, and making it illegal for gays to marry, is striping homosexuals of their natural rights. We as the United States can’t be known as the country who treats everyone equal, because we don’t. Especially against homosexual males and females. To sum it all up, denying them their natural rights is wrong, and society shouldn’t be dictating who can marry who. They will marry whoever they want, it’s not hurting anyone in particular, so why is it illegal? Oh thats right, because religious freedom overules civil rights? No, it’s about equality; if the United States is going to be …show more content…
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