The End Of Gay Culture Essay

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In the world today, many nations including the United States, and other world powers have seen their fair share of atrocities and oppressions. Expressions of minorities were hushed by the ruling people of these nations. Writes such as Sojourner Truth who wrote “Ain’t I a Women”, and Andrew Sullivan who wrote “The End of Gay Culture” were writers of either a time of oppression, or the hate of a sexuality that promotes difference of lifestyle. Truth, a former slave, spoke about the oppression of blacks and eventually after the women 's suffrage. Otherwise, Sullivan who argues about sexuality, and the assimilation of “gay culture” into normal life. Although series of hate and oppression have been present in the United States for many different …show more content…
Today, not only do forms of prejudice exists, but also the shaming of sexuality choices. Andrew Sullivan took on these issues of sexuality with the passage “ The End of Gay Culture” as it discusses the idea of a gay culture instead treating homosexuality as a normal part of life. He states that in the beginning that gay culture was a separate part of everyday life. That instead if it being a part of everyday life it was seen as something to behold, or even in some cases by disgusted by. Although, today that is not the case, and this gay culture is slowly but surely disappearing” Slowly but unmistakably, gay culture is ending”(383). The world is now more of acceptance of the term “gay”. Sullivan refers to those who are openly gay as apart of the “gay culture”. Culture is defined as”a particular society that has its own beliefs, ways of life, art, etc.”(Webster) which alienates these people from the rest of society. Giving it a negative tone to what it means to be apart of a gay community and sets a negative tone to homosexual in general. It sets a image in the mind that these people are almost referred to a group/religion that was made on their own ideals rather than a way of

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