Richard Blanco's Queer Theory: According To My Grandmother

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How wild of a journey have we taken on the issue of gay rights not only politically but also socially? The beauty of acceptance, once a dream now a reality. Richard Blanco’s “Queer Theory: According to My Grandmother gives us a glimpse into what it was for him growing up being pressurized to be a certain way that was considered “masculine”. Although the poem is called Queer theory and Blanco is gay this focuses more on gender norms rather than actual sexuality. It reflects on what it was that made a boy or girl back then a queer according to those around him, as well it describes the ignorance of people because of the obsession of upholding an image, and lastly the consistency of keeping traditions of our elders even if times have changed. …show more content…
However belonging not only to a different time but also a different culture Blanco was involuntary developed into a person who has a second nature of needing the approval of elders. As a society we are cultivated to believe that respect of our elders is absolutely essential. As a hispanic I can relate to Blanco because I know this is enforced. Enforced from the way you act and the way you speak around them for example in english “you” is on word and has one connotation and that 's it but in spanish “tu” is directed when speaking to an equal but “usted” is used when speaking to an elder. “Never dance alone in your room:/ Donna Summer, Barry Manilow, the captain/ and tennille,bette midler and all musicals-/ forbidden./ Posters of kittens, star wars, or the Eiffel[ Tower-/forbidden”(55-61). Guaranteed that Blanco never did any of these again after being commanded not to or at least having his grandma believe he didn 't. Rebel, hooligan, maverick all words used generation by generation to describe those that attempted to have opposing views with their elders. 50 years ago the word gay or homosexual was a censored word in american households whether white, black, or hispanic. ridiculous beliefs that a cup of tea or a visit to the doctor can cure these “illnesses”actually existed. Thankfully today we have come to sanity and awaken to see that being homosexual isn 't a sickness or a choice it 's part of a person and something someone is born into. However those from that generation are still here those being our elders. Spreading their belief. However this isn 't saying all elders are like because in reality many have come to the realization that times have time and aren 't the same. A verse in Bob Dylan’s song The Times are changing can relate to this “Come mothers and fathers, Throughout the land, Come mothers and fathers,

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