Rhetorical Analysis Of Gary Thomas

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“All the diversity in America and no one has done this?” In the article “Gareth Thomas”, Gary Smith summoned the question why have not no male athlete come open about their sexuality. The article discusses how Gareth Thomas, one of the best rugby players, came out openly and continues to play the sport he loved. This is considering all the pain and suffering he went through hiding the fact that he was gay. The author purpose of writing this is to capture the reader’s emotions and move them with it, as he wanted them to have a different perspective on gay men. Gary smith uses different strategies, tactics and techniques, such as pathos, imagery and irony as he argues effectively for change.
There is a significant transition that you can get by reading the article “Gareth Thomas “. Smith uses the rhetorical technique pathos to move his readers from one original mindset to another more open one. The way people look at gay men in their society has to change and smith knows that. In the article, the struggles Gareth Thomas went through with being a gay men and hiding it from the world creates a sense to appeal to the reader’s emotion. There were times in the
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Smith used different strategies, tactics and techniques not only to move homosexual readers, but had a huge effect on all types of readers. Using pathos, imagery, and working the audience helped create a better understanding of the life homosexuals are going through daily. The fact that the article was published by Sports Illustrated says a lot. You can conclude the article was directed mainly towards male’s athletes in the America, since no athletes had come out yet. Smith wants the future of America with this situation to be different from what it is now. Hopefully from reading the article your heart has been touched, therefore allows you to be willing to accept homosexuals, which would make them more courageous to come

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