Invention Of Homosexuality

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There a several procedures of disappearing Homosexual bodies. Governments can use political agency to label and separate communities, terms can be created to divide and shame people and even medical practices can be used to enact fear in individuals. In order to learn more about these methods, I’ll use the “Invention of Heterosexuality” by Johnathan Katz, “Scientific Racism and the Emergence of the Homosexual Body” by Siobhan Somerville, “DISABILITY, SEX RADICALISM, AND POLITICAL AGENCY” by Abby Wilkerson, and “Methodologies” by Dean Spade to draw together key ways.
The distinction of Heterosexual and Homosexual bodies are important in the disappearing of gender non-conforming, queer and trans people because without it, there would be no difference
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(Somerville 247). White males created the division called race just like homosexuality in a sense that it was the “wrong way of living”. She mentions, “discourses of race and gender buttressed one another often overlapping, in shaping models of the term homosexuality” (247). Race and sexuality are alike because they were created to divide people. Somerville asks “is it such a coincidence that when the imaginary boundary of black and white emerged, the topic of homosexuality and heterosexuality arose too” (245). Racism and homophobia is recognized as the same discrimination because it does the same thing to the oppressed group. The system works by condemning queer people for being non procreative and condemning African Americans for having too much sex. Both of these groups put together is the deviation sexual object choice and for most people, it’s not the right …show more content…
Wilkerson argues, “Sexuality, is nonetheless a culturally feared aspect of the body, with especially serious implications for those bodies perceived as falling outside a fairly narrow and right norm” (193). Erotophobia is defined as the fear of erotic topics. This can include: nudity, “sexual deviance”, sex shaming, and even the sexualization of young females for the purpose of empowering males. Erotophobia usually shows up in: schools, churches, and even in media. In media it is usually okay to see someone being stabbed to death but when it comes to nudity, it’s never appropriate. The way this practice disappears people that identify as queer is that it classifies their sexual practices as deviant; “sexual deviance in terms of unorthodox sexual desires” (195). Wilkerson also says,” Even less recognized is the strategic value of sexual stereotyping and other sexual harms as significant in perpetuating inequality in any oppressed group” (195). The more stereotypes are promoted the more it oppresses and divides a certain

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