Compare And Contrast: The Feminist Movement And LGBT Movement

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4. Compare and Contrast:
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Two movements that are very similar and have some differences are the Feminist Movement and LGBT Movement. The first beginnings of the Women’s Suffrage Movement of the United States were in 1848 and they held the first women’s rights convention. This convention was the Seneca Falls Convention and the organizers were Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Lucretia Mott, their overall purpose was to move forward in women’s rights. They mainly argued that women had the constitutional right to vote and should be treated equal to men. Now usually known as the Feminist Movement, it is now a political movement that harps on changes in equal pay, birth (reproductive) rights, sexual violence and more. The LGBT Movement is social
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These two movements are similar because both women and the LGBT community are not treated equally. These women were looked down upon and thought of as “weaker than men”, men became arrogant believing that they were smarter, stronger, etc. Women were restricted of their freedoms and were only allowed to take care of the house and family. The LGBT community is also similar because of many contrasting views. This community was looked down upon and seen as abnormal or strange. For years, they were shunned and hated on, many were bullied/tortured for liking the same sex or both sexes and/or wanting to be another gender. Society saw them as unacceptable and weird and the states would not allow same sex marriage until recently after several states allowed it. The differences in both movements are how accepted they are. Typically, the Women’s Rights Movement is more acceptable because it is seen as the norm. The LGBT community is not accepted by many religions and is still viewed as strange for many people. Since the LGBT Movement is being brought to many people’s attention recently, they haven’t made as much progress as the Women’s Rights Movement. However, both …show more content…

The Feminist Movement has the goal of making sure that women’s rights are equal to men’s rights. This point is valid because women are no different from men besides some body parts and physical characteristics. There is not a real reason for men to be able to get higher paying jobs than women, men and women have plenty of careers that are the same but men get a higher percentage of money. For every 64 cents that an African American woman earns, a white man gets a dollar. That is 36 cents more than what some women are getting even though they Kalau 5

have the same job. Men also criticize women by claiming that they are weaker and incapable of doing the same things. The traditional idea of women having to take care of the kids and house was also a role that was pressed onto women which was an incorrect generalization. Men also hold better job positions such as CEOs, the men to women ration on positions like this are usually always male dominated. Women are also sexually abused and assaulted more frequently. About 1 in 5 women get sexually assaulted unlike the 1 in 72 men ratio. Sexual assault is bad no matter what gender and it needs to be stopped, the first step to this would be the gender differences and the unbelievable amounts of women who are assaulted. Women also experience domestic violence, 1 in 5 women are victims of physical abuse/violence. In addition, about a third of these women were killed with violence due to their male partners.

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