Informative Essay About Feminism

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Sarah Ruwe
English 1001
Rebecca Reynolds
October 1, 2015

Feminism What is Feminism? Many people when asked, already have a misconstrued idea of what Feminism is all about. The top being that feminist are a group of women that despise all men, men can’t be feminist or it’s only focused on women’s rights. Now, there’s a lot of the focus on women’s rights when it comes down to it, but that’s because women still have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to equality. But bottom line is that feminism fights for both genders, to stop discrimination, exploitation, oppression and gender conforming. The first major misconception is that all feminists hate men; nope. Misandrists hate men. If anything it’s against it would be patriarchy and not men. The goal is to stop certain actions,
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It may seem that way only because women have a lot more catching up to do still. But the goal is to achieve equal rights for all genders. One thing feminist stand up for is to stop gender conforming. You often hear the phrases said to little boys like “be a man!” or “boys don’t cry” and that guys should be assertive, aggressive, emotionless, or never show weakness. All those standards put a lot of stress on men, sometimes I think that’s why some men are afraid to admit to doing anything that could be slightly feminine because of the gender box they’re put into at such a young age, and same goes for women with being afraid to do anything that could be considered masculine. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could we didn’t have to conform to anything and just be? That’s what feminism is trying to achieve. So when it comes down to it, we all need feminism. A world where there’s no domination and where people are valued for being who they are or what they do. Where one gender doesn’t assume they have a greater role than the other. To simply live a life, free of discrimination exploitation, oppression, and gender conformity; that’s why we need

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