Feminism For Everybody Chapter Summaries

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The book Feminism for Everybody by the author Bell Hooks gives a clear idea to the reader about what feminism is, the history of the feminist movement, and what people think of feminism. The way the author has written this books gives the readers a different perspective on the feminist theory. What feminism? To answer this question, we must first establish a commonality in language: namely, what is feminism? Feminism could be defined as a person who supports females, or as a movement that would end sexism, and oppression. Many people all around the world think feminism as a way women seek and try and to be equal to men. Most of the feminist are labeled as anti-male. All feminists have one goal in hand, and that is to fight all sexist oppressions. …show more content…
In the early years, women had no rights or freedom to do what they want. In the book, the author explains how sexism exists all around the world. Hook says that it is the society that has created this issue between men and women, further explaining the power of men over women. To change this issue of sexism, the author states that we all must learn to think and act in a non-sexist manner. It is clear that girl and boys should be educated at schools about sexism. Due to the lack of this part of education, most children think society as prefect place where there are equal rights and equal opportunities regardless of the gender. Once they are out of school they realize that what they thought of perfect is not so perfect. Even now the majority of the time, superior jobs are offered to men, but not to …show more content…
Howard Smith proposed to include prohibition on gender discrimination into the Civil Rights Act. Even though the Civil Rights Act was under consideration at the time, it was a huge achievement for the feminists all over the country. Many Congressmen greeted Howard Smith with laughter due to helping the feminists. The law with the amendment intact was passed by Martha Griffith of Michigan. After the law was passed for women to have access to better jobs and higher salaries, there was another problem the movement had to face, and that was that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission did not enforce the law to protect women workers. This matter was solved by a group of feminists including feminists Betty Friden. They founded an organization to fight gender discrimination through the legislatures and courts. later on in 1966, they launched an organization called the National Organization for Women which is known short for NOW. This organization wen into congress for pro-equality laws and to help women seeking legal rights and to fight workplace discrimination in the courts. With the help of this organization, women had more freedom and rights than they had before. They were able to get high paying jobs and had a voice in the society. After the launch of the National

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