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  • The Sorrowful Woman Or The Sympathetic Woman Analysis

    Sorrowful Woman or The Sympathetic Woman? As a mother the first instinct we have is to take care of our children. We want them to know they are safe and loved. Anyone can agree that the woman in this story is far from that. To be a wife is a big commitment as well. To be able to make someone happy, other than yourself. The woman is a sympathetic character because she faces challenges all women do. When we first started reading this story, like any other we are hoping for a happy ending. A happy ending that will have the mother love her family and herself. That did not happen and as readers we hate story’s that don’t give us a warm and fuzzy feeling. In the beginning the reader learns that, the mother is upset by her family.…

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  • Maya Angelou's Phenomenal Woman As A Phenomenal Woman

    Phenomenal Woman Amela Earhart, Susan B. Anthony, Anne Frank, and Mother Teresa all are names that every person in this room knows. Each of these women held themselves to a higher standard than the rest and many men and women across the world admired them because of it. They adore these phenomenal women. The poem "Phenomenal Woman" by Maya Angelou shows the strength of a women and how her self belief creates an empowered and admirable model for all woman. My variation is an abstract painting of…

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  • Being A Woman Essay

    To be a woman is not easy considering the hardship and abuse that a great number of women endure during their lifetime. In this story I will share what some of these hardships was about. The once ruling patriarchal system for the last two millennia has been declining to give room for a new era, where women have more ‘freedom.’ And, as a teenager I was totally confused about what that meant. In the old system there were so many points of views that did not serve our humanity, which created…

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  • Woman Poem Analysis

    such as the following: “in my book”, “throw the book at”, “one for the books”, or “I can read you like a book”. The woman tried to be this resource for the man. She wanted to be his source for knowledge or entertainment. She wanted to be consulted as someone worthy of the final word. She thought if she could offer all the things a book can, then maybe he would appreciate her. “She turned herself into a bulb but he wouldn’t let her grow” (lines 17-18). A bulb is the rooted part of the plant. It…

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  • The New Woman Reflection

    Inevitably, the 2016 fall semester came around and I found myself seated in a course known as WOMS336. At the start of this course, I was introduced to the “New Woman”, a term unfamiliar to me prior to this class. As a group, we engaged in lively conversation regarding the “New Woman” and what she means in terms of class, race, journalism, photography, and more throughout this semester. I was, of course, intrigued by the concept of the “New Woman”, her role in history and what she meant to not…

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  • The Edible Woman Analysis

    When one thinks of a strong woman, what could be thought of? Perhaps someone who is not afraid to speak her mind, yet, in Margaret Atwood’s The Edible Woman, imagine a docile woman referred to as an advocate for female rights. Marian exhibits traits of the exact opposite of a women’s liberationist, she is spineless, deceives others and is a coward. Thus, Marian is not the strong woman lead in a book that claims to have started feminism. Firstly, Marian is spineless and permits others to use and…

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  • Identity In The Woman Warrior

    Culture refers to beliefs, shared values, and norms of a group. Therefore, Culture defines our identity, influencing the way we act and learn. In The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts, Maxine Hong Kingston is trapped between two identities, to be an obedient housewife or a woman warrior that shatters those cultural expectations. Growing up, Kingston is surrounded by the individualistic and nationalistic nature of the United States but is constantly insulted for being the, “weaker…

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  • Diasporic Woman Analysis

    The paper attempts to study psyche aspect of Diasporic woman by analysing the characters in the short stories collection of Chitra’s ‘Arranged Marriage’ and Jhumpa’s ‘Unaccustomed Earth’, Both are the Diasporic Indian Writers, who are well known in the field of writing. The psyche of the diasporic Indian woman can be seen vividly in the collection of short stories, ‘Arranged Marriage’ and ‘Unaccustomed Earth’. Chitra is known for the unique style of writing , which is quite different from other…

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  • No Name Woman Analysis

    Maxine Kingston’s story, “No Name Woman” recounts the tale of a young lady who learns the heartbreaking history of her aunt’s illegitimate child. The resulting aftermath is a bevy of turmoil and chaos that ultimately forces her to meet a tragic end. Kingston spends most of her time bordering on the line between fact and fiction, making the readers journey through the story quite complicated. The author is amazing at illustrating what a struggle it is for Maxine to believe certain things about…

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  • Rebel Woman Analysis

    situation of suffragettes in terms of politics, law and social context: “The Woman at the Gate” “The prison while the sun shines” and “The black spot of constituency”. “The Woman at the Gate” is a short story in which we are presented a peaceful…

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