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  • Woman In Blue Reading A Woman Analysis

    Vermeer’s increased attention to line and size is similarly evident in Woman in Blue Reading a Letter. This painting depicts a young woman entranced by a letter, presumably from her lover. She wears a blue coat and stands beside a table. A chair is pulled out from the table; perhaps it is the woman’s seat. Behind her, a large map of the Netherlands hangs on the wall. Interestingly, the map is based on a known map and also appears in Vermeer’s painting, Officer and Laughing Girl. Despite the accurate depiction of the map, its size is adjusted to fit the composition. It is larger than the real map, as well as the depiction in Officer and Laughing Girl. This shows Vermeer’s interest in line and size as a means to depict his imagined scene, rather…

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  • The Sensuous Woman

    Reading the “Sensuous Woman” by Ihara Saikaku reminds me of the times when the elderly members of my family would come over to my grandparents’ house and reminisce about the stories of their youth. I never cared about the actual details of the story, instead I loved listening to the lesson that each story taught. By reading her life stories, I would definitely consider asking for her advice. Even though her stories may not be morally accepted by many people, they still tell a story that many…

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  • The New Woman

    daily politics. This arouses bitter criticism and hostility, all of it very unjustified. We have kept women out of the parliamentary-democratic intrigues of the past fourteen years in Germany not because we do not respect them, but because we respect them too much. We do not see the woman as inferior, but rather as having a different mission, a different value, than that of the man. Therefore, we believed that the German woman, who more than any other in the world is a woman in the best sense of…

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  • The Fallen Woman

    news to her. Although, Henry still loves Sarah their relationship is shattered because of the love she possesses for Bendrix. There, however lies a problem with adultery. The women of Sarah’s time were focused on social equality, women’s rights and changing their roles in society. Sarah displayed something different. The book The End of the Affair, was written during the Modern Era, but throughout we see how Victorian ideas are incorporated and we see how Sarah displays the image of the “fallen…

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  • A Woman Hater

    Victorians are fascinated by the Science and the question of the woman. They come to the conclusion that woman are inferior to men. Critics constantly identify science as masculine, Victorian writers exclude woman from scientific discourses. Eventually after the publication of Charles Darwin’s Decent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex in 1871, the relation of gender and science become more interesting for literary critics. Darwin has showed the biological different on gender. In this book,…

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  • Wonder Woman

    In the article, “Theater responds to backlash of women-only screening of ‘Wonder Woman’” Michael Rothman describes the controversy caused by a women-only screening of the new Wonder Woman film. Many men found this one time screening to be offensive and discriminatory. Many responses to the facebook post announcing the event were filled with hate, while others just shared their general disapproval. Overall, some people were very happy about the screening while others (mainly men) found it…

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  • Depression Of Woman

    In absence of it, women made to feel deficient. Similarly, the segment of children is missing in Nina’s marriage and that makes her feel worthless. Adrienne Rich in his book, Of Woman Born: Motherhood as Experience and Institution focuses on the importance of motherhood in these words, “Motherhood is not only a core human relationship but a political institution, a keystone to the domination in every sphere of women by men” (Rich 112). Nina’s loneliness after the marriage makes her to think all…

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  • A Sorrowful Woman

    Analysis of “A Sorrowful Woman” Throughout literary history there have been many great works, once such work is the story “A Sorrowful Woman”. Written by Gail Godwin, A Sorrowful Woman is a present day fairy-tale toned down. It even starts off like a fairy-tale, with “Once Upon a Time”. Literature uses many different elements such as theme, character, plot, point of view, etc. The main element of this story is the theme that not all women are meant to be mothers. While all the elements are…

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  • Woman Bodybuilder

    Work out schedule For Woman Bodybuilder: General LIFT HEAVY! A great deal of ladies don't know precisely what to do when they're attempting to lift overwhelming. With every one of the machines and free-weight alternatives, it's reasonable on the off chance that you feel overpowered. Once you're furnished with a little learning, everything ends up plainly simpler to oversee. Know this: If you're hoping to get the greatest value for your money, do compound lifts. Compound activities enlist…

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  • Maya Angelou's Phenomenal Woman As A Phenomenal Woman

    Phenomenal Woman Amela Earhart, Susan B. Anthony, Anne Frank, and Mother Teresa all are names that every person in this room knows. Each of these women held themselves to a higher standard than the rest and many men and women across the world admired them because of it. They adore these phenomenal women. The poem "Phenomenal Woman" by Maya Angelou shows the strength of a women and how her self belief creates an empowered and admirable model for all woman. My variation is an abstract painting of…

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