Maya Angelou's Phenomenal Woman As A Phenomenal Woman

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Phenomenal Woman
Amela Earhart, Susan B. Anthony, Anne Frank, and Mother Teresa all are names that every person in this room knows. Each of these women held themselves to a higher standard than the rest and many men and women across the world admired them because of it. They adore these phenomenal women. The poem "Phenomenal Woman" by Maya Angelou shows the strength of a women and how her self belief creates an empowered and admirable model for all woman. My variation is an abstract painting of Maya Angelou as a young women and how I created a piece that reflects the importance that imperfection is beautiful with the colors and shading along with the sloppy strokes that perfectly form a beautiful representation of this poem.
To begin my painting
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I gave myself a few days to let the poem rattle around in my head and get my creative juices flowing. But the longer I waited, the harder time I had thinking of an idea. On top of my uncreative mindset, I started to feel less confident as a person. I had a hard time even getting myself to try and read the poem. My lack of drive was something that put my beautiful poem on a complete standstill. It wasn’t until I realized how poorly my negative thoughts had been affecting my work that I also connected how this relates to how many woman feel in their day to day life. This poem talks about being strong and confident, but how are women supposed to connect with this piece with they themselves do not feel confident? As I was searching for an answer I looked up the mystery author of this poem (which I had never even thought to do until now) and found myself instantly struck with my solution. Maya Angelou is a beautiful women who from first glance is as normal anyone else. As the …show more content…
My next step was to sketch the picture of Maya I had found on the internet. The picture is a black and white photograph of her in her twenties in a long dress that appears to be of a nude or light toned color. There is a spit that opens up at the top of her thigh and reveals her left leg. She is stunning with small delicate curves all around her body, and the tight dress esentuates them quite nicely. At the top of the dress there are straps that look very elegant while still esentuating her colar bones and long neck. Due to the black and white picture, shading was very important in order to fully grasp the angle at which this is shot. There were also many wrinkles on the dress that helped show how she was slightly bending over her leg. This was meticulous and also very hard for someone with limited artistic abilities. After spending quite some time trying to master the curves of her body I realized that it 's not the body that makes her beautiful, it 's her and the way she thinks. Then I began started to sketch from her shoulders up. Shading again was a huge hard of this piece. I sketched her face on a piece of paper then created my final drawing on a piece of watercolor paper. After that I lightly used my pencil and drew in small details and shading of her face. Ms. Angelou 's soft features show that simple is also beautiful. She even has flaws that I think will help other women connect this piece of

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