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  • Perfectionist Mother

    Mothers are essential for life to continue to be born. Carrying a fetus and giving birth are gifts that only women can experience. Some mothers choose to stay home with their children and some mothers work outside the home while raising children. The way a mother is raised greatly impacts the type of mother she becomes. The world is generally made up of five types of mothers: the perfectionist mother, the unpredictable mother, the selfish mother, the "best friend" mother, and the well-rounded mother (Poulter). While there is no perfect mother, the well-rounded mother produces the healthiest children. The perfectionist mother is someone completely focused on having a family that appears perfect. Psychologist and author Stephen Poulter says that this mother highly regards how others view her life and family. Author of the book The Mom Factor, Dr. Henry Cloud, says she is someone who is “uncomfortable with imperfections” (19). Often, these mothers raise children who resent her because they grow up trying to please her and never living up to her expectations (16). The disheartening result of this type of mother is that her children grow up to be adults who “have difficulty handling failure, have troublesome emotions, have unrealistic ideals…

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  • Interrelationship With Mothers

    Why is it weird to tell mothers about certain information? Children are often scared to tellmothers things yet they would tell their best friends. We tell our friends something but they willnot gave a reaction that you prefer but, if we tell our mothers we will get a reaction that wewould like. Can mothers and best friends have some similarities or are they total opposite? Arerelationship with mothers and best friends awkward, over bearing, and not understanding or tounderstanding? The saying…

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  • Breastfeeding Mother

    6 Ways to Support a Breastfeeding Mother It isn’t as easy to breastfeed as it seems. Many times, a mother who wants to breastfeed and even has a good supply of milk is unable to successfully breastfeed her baby due to lack of support. Apart from a good milk supply and latching, the single most important thing that a breastfeeding mother needs is support from her family. A woman’s life completely changes once her baby arrives. She is emotionally and physically weak and is still healing. She now…

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  • Mother Sparrow

    This morning, Mother Sparrow is trying her best to block out the deafening chorus of chirps while she takes a moment to rest her wings. She peers down at the various people bustling around in the village and sitting on the benches below. One day soon, these little nestlings will be big enough to stretch their wings and tackle this descent, but until then, Mother must continue to bring them their frequent and seemingly endless supply of meals. Snappy once again is protesting more than the…

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  • Single Mothers Vs Traditional Mothers

    concept or idea of what is the vision of a “traditional family”. However, in today’s world single mothers are being more incorporating other family members into the structure of the family—to assist them with their children (e.g. mother, grandmother and fathers). Nelson, K.M., (2006) talk about children attachments to other care givers within the family structure and single mothers maintaining boundaries when issues or concerns arise about disciplining their children. The author goes further…

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  • Eulogy For Mother

    I'm so proud of my mother. She's a strong woman, not physically but because of the many things she has been through but still remains a good person. She raised us most of the time specially when papa's away doing his job to provide us with everything we need. She never lied to us about money. She'd tell us if we have a little extra for what we want and she'd tell us when we're broke. She taught us to free our hearts from hatred and jealousy. To free our hearts from anger. She taught us to be…

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  • Becoming A Mother

    patience. I valued the passion of helping kids when permitted to do so. I always knew that I wanted to have a child in the future. I wanted to get the chance to experience other things before becoming a mother. However, it never really dawned on me until my nephew was born how important being a mother was to me. My nephew taught me to what it takes to be responsible for someone else that is dependent on me. I now know how to handle the obstacles, and many challenges when it comes to becoming a…

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  • The Importance Of Mother

    Mother is love she is what children, the offspring, call the one who raised them, gave birth to them, took care of them, protected them from all evil, did anything in her power to keep them happy and well nourished. One 's mother is responsible for making her child the little monster he/she is today. A mother loves unconditionally and will make everything better with their warm smiles or in someone 's case, her corny jokes. A mother is what children, people all around the world, recognize as…

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  • The Three Mothers

    The Three Mothers “Child loss is not an event, it is an indescribable journey of survival”. Losing any family member is a very detrimental experience, but it does not compare to the pain a mom feels after she loses a child. In the podcast series titled “ Criminal”, by Juliene Alexander, Alexander has an episode segment on three mothers who have all lost a child. During the episode each mother introduces their child, explains what happened to them, and tell how their life has changed since…

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  • Mothers In The Sula

    The power and Influence of mothers in society After reading through the two novels, this one summer by Jillian, Mariko Tamaki’s and The Sula’s by Toni Morrison, we understand that the two novels demonstrate how family and friends connect to prevalent issues individual identity, sexuality, and race? The both novels expressed the gender inequality as well as the ideology of how women. View each other. A careful review of the novel, This One Summer, and Sula shows lack of love, friendship and…

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