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  • Reflection: An Introduction To Motor Learning And Control

    Some of the material covered I could recall a bit from introduction to kinesiology but that class was just an overview of all the parts in kinesiology which means it never went to much depth about motor learning and control. Though I will not summarize everything I learned that day or everything I read in the lecture notes, I will emphasize what I really thought was interesting and worth reflecting upon. In class, there was a part where the professor was talking about genetically learned trait versus actual learned skills. I didn’t know that crawling was a genetically learned trait and that walking was an actual learned trait. Though I don’t have kids at the present moment, I do plan to have them. With this knowledge in mind, I will teach my kids how to walk and eventually how to run. How? Well with repetition till they develop the habit of walking and of running. Obviously, since I played sports I will love for them to do so as well. That will require…

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  • Fine Motor Control Study

    Ploog, Scharf, Nelson, and Brooks (2013) conducted a case-control study using computerized visual representations of emotional facial expressions to simulate real life situations. The use of a 3D avatar was used in three stages to study and improve emotion recognition in children with autism spectrum disorder. Stage one, participants were asked to interpret what emotion the avatar was feeling. Stage two participants were given different scenarios and were asked to guess what emotion the avatar…

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  • Case Study: Dominion Motors & Controls, Ltd.

    Dominion Motors & Controls, Ltd. A large supplier of motors and control equipment in Canadian oil Market, Dominion offered wide range of products for oil producers, Dominion products consists of motors ranging from small fractional horse power (hp) unites to large horse power motors. Company also produced motor control and panel-board unites which would automatically and protect a motor. Company boasts to control little over 50% of the total market share at that time. Dominion Major Customers…

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  • Piaget Developmental Case Study

    1. What is meant by the plasticity of the brain? • When it comes to plasticity it means the tendency of new parts of the brain to take up the functions of injured parts. This means if they were to get injured in the part of the brain that controls language the results are that they will regain the ability to talk, this takes effect on kids of two to three years of age and then gradually declines. Whereas adults will lose the ability to talk. 2. How do gross motor skills differ from fine motor…

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  • Kiara Sheaff Character Analysis

    picture of a person consists of a head with arms and legs attached, she also includes eyes and hair. A cognitive skill that Kiara has not yet developed is the ability to conserve. Kiara did not understand that when an irrelevant factor like spacing will not affect the mass volume or weight of an object. However this one setback does not negate all of her other abilities and overall Kiara is developing as expected when it comes to cognitive development. (Prudhoe, 2015) Physically Kiara is a…

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  • Summary: Devereux Early Childhood Assessment

    occupational services at the local public school. A speech evaluation was recommended by Tara Noel’s doctor at a wellness visit because he was concerned with her lack of common/typical vocabulary. She was recommended to the Birth to Three program. She has a language delay with receptive language, and it is impacting her expressive language, and she has milestone delays in her motor skill. She has trouble stacking blocks, copying lines, and has in-toeing walking. I choose…

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  • Example Of Early Child Observation

    He is potty trained and able to understand that he can not go to the bathroom wherever he wants to. Being potty trained can give a child a sense of control and independence. There were some things that were out of his control though. He wanted to eat raw sugar instead of eating his dinner. He ate a few bites of his dinner and did not argue again for the sugar. He also wanted his dinner on the blue plate instead of the one that he already had. We compensated for this by putting his plate on…

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  • Child Observation Examples

    not have a tendency to stick to one activity. She went from outside to inside various times not focusing on one specific thing. In the instance when she was sitting in a circle with other kids she was asked to sit down. When the teacher would ask something she would stand up when she knew the answer and was asked to sit back down. However, I wouldn 't say she had poor impulse control. Her impulses seems normal for a girl her age. When Amia was playing outside with the board and tires she didn…

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  • Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Case Study

    • Visual figure-ground discrimination issues, such as difficulty finding information on a page or difficulty distinguishing and object from the the background. • Visual sequencing issues, or difficulty with ordering, such as skipping lines when reading difficulty writing answers on a separate sheet of paper, when requested. Reversing letters or words is also common. • Visual-motor processing issues, or difficulty using visual information to coordinate the movement of other parts of the body.…

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  • Creative Curriculum Analysis

    The creative curriculum opens up many doors for little minds. Children learn from doing things themselves through play. Three objectives in this activity are demonstrating balancing skills, solves problems, and demonstrating fine motor skills. I will change up the classroom just a little by bringing out new building blocks and other objects to build with and assigning tasks in each center to try that have to do with building and using fine motor skills. In this plan all children will be able to…

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