Oral Synthesis Essay

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Adult acquired apraxia of speech (AOS) is characterized as a neurological communication disorder that demonstrates an impaired ability to plan or program motor movements necessary for speech (Davis, Farias, & Baynes, 2009). AOS is supraotentorial in nature and typically occurs in the left hemisphere (Duffy, 2013). Localization of AOS occurs in the dominant hemisphere’s structures and pathways that are responsible for the planning and programming of speech movements. The plan is what (i.e., motor movements necessary for phonological representation) is to be organized into movement goals while the program focuses on how (i.e., the procedures for carrying out the plan) the motor plan will implemented.
The etiology of AOS is commonly associated
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The articulatory kinematic approach has received significant attention due to its focus on motor programming and planning. The nature of this treatment is designed to increase correct production of sounds by guiding clients to proper movement and placement of the articulators (Wambaugh & Mauszycki, 2010). Specific strategies employed during articulatory kinematic therapy include modeling, repetition, articulatory placement and tactile cueing, feedback, contrastive practice, and shaping (Wambaugh & Mauszycki, …show more content…
SML intends to treat the inability to plan and motor speech production in longer utterances. The speech motor learning approach follows a treatment, which employs imitated block practice for nonwords and eventually targets real words and phrases until the criterion level is reached. SML implements aspects of the articulatory kinematic principles, motor learning approach, graphic stimuli, and focuses on speech prosody. Treatment follows a hierarchy from least to most complex. It involves graphic representation of the stimuli, blocked practice for nonwords, increase of rate production, and identification of real words. The clinician is responsible for providing the client with direct and delayed feedback.The goal of the SML approach guides clients regain control of motor planning and programming and assist them in becoming natural sounding

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