Motor coordination

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  • Occupational Therapy Summary

    functional activities, such as meal preparation, are equal in improving fine motor coordination in individuals with traumatic brain injury. The subjects were 45 men ages 18-55 who had traumatic brain injury and were currently in long-term rehabilitation programs. Subjects were administered various perceptual-cognitive, functional, and coordination tests pre and post experiment. Subjects were appointed to a parquetry block group (n=22) or a meal preparation group (n=23). The two groups had similar scoring for the perceptual-cognitive, functional, and coordination tests. Subjects were given 30-minute individual treatment sessions for their designated activities once a week for 6 weeks along with their standard rehabilitation regime. Therapists used the same five-part cuing and feedback problem-solving method when subjects confronted a problem during treatment. Several analyses were conducted on the post tests. Though results depicted that there were on significant differences between the two groups in non-dominant hand tests, the meal preparation treatment group did significantly better than the parquetry block group. The researchers believe that the parquetry block puzzle group were required hand coordination that was task specific On the other hand, the meal preparation subjects used “more varied movement patterns.” I have observed the participants at Higher Life exhibit challenges with fine motor coordination with handwriting and picking up small objects (coins). The main…

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  • Nardia Case Study Essay

    Nardia was referred by Jaco Nel (Paediatrician) to the Child Development Team (CDT) in November 2014. The referral was for an assessment of her handwriting skills. Nardia presents with epilepsy and mild global developmental delay by Dr Jaco Nel. Nardia fully participated in the Visual Motor Integration and Visual Perception assessment (June 2015) and did not complete the Motor Coordination assessment due to Nardia’s attention and participation decreasing. Nardia listened to instructions and…

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  • Deer Park Child Observation

    when she does not get her way, and responds to discipline by crying. Isabella takes swimming lessons, plays soccer, and participates in a church play group. Bella will often play alone, and is able to entertain herself. When she does play with others, it is in a coed, mixed age group of one to three other kids. Isabella has been to Mexico when she was a baby, and recently visited Wisconsin and Indiana. Isabella enjoys spending time with her family and others, as shown in her development in the…

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  • How Can Music Affect Your Life

    success? Music had been a constant in today’s society, whether it be through a computer, mp3, phone, or on the radio. Music is heard all throughout the world, and what is not known about it, is that it can enhance ones athletic ability. Music impacts athletic preparation and performance in five ways: dissociation, arousal regulation, synchronization, acquisition of motor skills, and attainment of flow. ( Acquisition of…

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  • Observation To The Classroom

    On Wednesday, October 26, 2016 at approximately 10:15 A.M. I completed my gross motor observation in Mrs. Sayre’s classroom at Breton Downs Elementary school. I observed William, a six-year-old member of the first grade classroom. My observation was done during the classroom exercise time. Gross motor activities that I witnessed were as followed: dancing, jumping, walking, and clapping. William was standing roughly fifteen feet in front of me, eyes looking ahead to the screen as he waited…

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  • Art Education Research Paper

    students to learn about topics and about themselves. In my classroom, I would use art as a way to express oneself and a way to grasp a concept. I understand that not all students learn the same and including diverse ways to learn material will allow maximum knowledge to be achieved in the classroom. I also believe that art can provide that mental break that students desperately need these days with all of the outside pressure of doing well in school. Overall, art education is critical to…

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  • Summary Of Frederick 4H Therapeutic Riding Program

    local organization. I took the opportunity to volunteer at the Frederick 4H Therapeutic Riding Program. This program offers individuals with disabilities to ride a horse in order to build their social skills, build their motor skills, and give them confidence. This organization states, “Our Mission is to encourage and provide Frederick County, Maryland citizens with medically certified mental, physical and/or emotional disabilities with equestrian activities to learn basic horsemanship skills,…

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  • Task Orientated Intervention Case Study

    These approaches seem to have positive effects by teaching daily activities and thus stimulating participation in all aspects of life. Smits-Engelsman et al have recommended that task-oriented intervention methods such as NTT and CO-OP be used with confidence for children with DCD who need to improve on their motor performance. Current research has shown that NTT will be recommended for children suffering with DCD as training leads to positive task-specific change on motor skills. CO-OP has also…

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  • Dominant Eye Dominance In Basketball

    blocked by the basketball she also writes, “coaches need to coach from the eyes down”, since the eyes play a very important part in basketball shooting. Although, crossed hand eye dominance provides the best basketball shooting percentages, dominance-altering activities will improve same-side dominance by seven percent. There are two-types of motor skill gross motor skills and fine motor skills both of them work together to provide coordination and they are typically developed and mastered…

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  • Road Transport Malaysia Case Study

    INTRODUCTION In Malaysia, the Ministry of Transportation (MOT) already amended the rules and regulation for each type of the transportation. Each mode of transportations has the regulatory bodies in order to formulate and implement the policy. As we choose the Policy of Tinted Glass Standard for Motor Vehicles which if for private car, so the regulatory bodies that responsible in this policy is The Road Transport Department Malaysia (JPJ). This policy is under the Road Traffic Act 1987 on Act…

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