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  • Process Essay: How To Change Motor Oil

    How to change motor oil Changing motor oil is the basic, but essential, operation carried out during each maintenance of a car. At the dealer, in a small garage, or even in the car center, this operation is billed at variable prices, sometimes quite high compared to the simplicity of the operation. It is actually very easy to change your motor oil for a modest cost. Preparation is important, especially if it is your first time. To successfully change your oil, you do not need a lot of things. You need a sufficient amount of motor oil, a cloth, a new oil filter, wide clamps, a funnel and a container large enough to temporarily accommodate your used oil. It is also recommended to have the necessary tools to unscrew nuts. First, we need to warm up the motor. It allows the motor oil to be more fluid. Thus, it will flow more easily and quickly from the engine. Then, for more comfort, the car must be elevated by means of a jack. Make sure to secure the position of the car. Locate the cap position, it is often underneath the engine, sometimes on the side of the crankcase. Before you start loosening the cap, do not forget to unscrew the oil filler cap on top of the engine. If you do not, a phenomenon of depression can happen and a longer emptying.…

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  • Essay On Car Oil

    Four paragraph outline In this essay I will talk about how to properly change the car oil in your vehicle. To start off this is a process that may be time consuming depending on what type of car the work is being done on. Now there are a few steps which I will list 1) first check the car oil and oil filter type. 2) Go out to the automotive store and get the correct oil and oil filter be sure to refer back to your cars manual. 3) Get yourself a foot pound wrench with a standard 14 mm socket. 4)…

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  • Exxonmobil's Six Paths Framework

    ExxonMobil has focused on how to evolve over time. In particular, they’ve achieved this by developing engine oils that are environmentally friendly. Motor oils and other industrial lubricants are vital to our economy and living standards. However, technological advances are redefining the motor oil industry. Therefore, ExxonMobil faces a new challenge in the future. With the rise of electric cars, the reliance on motor oil and lubricants will decrease. More and more car manufacturers are…

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  • Personal Characteristics: Business Analysis

    A lower cost would be the most ideal in the location. Office space: Even though my business is mostly retail, I want the option of office space. This way the financial aspects of the business can be handled in a different area than the selling of the product. Some of the major competitors in my area therapy centers. These businesses are located fairly close to my business, but since I won’t be offering therapy until the future, and I offer essential oils, I am not worried about how close they…

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  • Multi Stage Fracturing Research Paper

    Coiled tubing unit consists of steel tubing and reel, injector head, control cabin, and power pack. The cost of the trailer, and the entire unit ranges from $1.2 to $ 2.5 million. The breakdown of the coiled tubing unit cost is shown in Table 1. In addition, coiled tubing system includes other equipment such as double pumper, double pumper tractor, nitrogen unit, crane, hoses, pump iron, two wet-kit tractors, and coiled tubing pipe, which bring the total cost of the coil tubing system to $4.5- 5…

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  • Ethical Issues Of Peak Oil

    2007, pg. 202). As the world is so reliant on this finite resource it is a crucial problem that needs to be addressed with a sense of urgency. Peak oil will force the change in which society operates and will have a dramatic influence on the economic condition of the world as it has had in previous years. The demand for oil globally is going to be forever increasing unless alternatives are found. Peak oil is unquestionably linked with the economic state of nations and has great potential…

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  • Pros And Cons Of The Oil Fracking Industry

    of the United States to consider the options of the oil drilling industry. Supported by the prior research and evaluation, the continuation of conventional oil drilling throughout the United States will not only improve its economical and environmental futuristic aspects, but will ensure the survival of the United State’s global dominance in the oil industry. OPEC has faced severe drops in profits from the competition of booming private American oil companies flood oil onto the market, and this…

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  • Oil Fracking Case Study

    The concept of Oil Fracking was first tapped into by Col. Edward Roberts, a civil war veteran. During the battle of Fredericksburg VA he drew the concept from exploding artillery into a narrow canal obstructing the battlefield (Manfreda J.). In 1866, Robert patented the “Exploding Torpedo”. A long rod shaped self- propelled underwater missile was packed into an iron case with 15-20 pounds of powder (Manfreda J.). Underground the case was placed right above the oil reserve, the wire on land was…

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  • John D Rockefeller Standard Oil Company

    Standard Oil was the leading supplier of oil to the United States in the 1880’s. The Company was run by John D. Rockefeller. Rockefeller became one of the richest and most powerful men in America. Rockefeller tried to get Standard Oil to be the only supplier of oil in North America. Rockefeller believed that he could operate his company around the regulations set by the United States Government, and that he could get away with it. “President Roosevelt said confidently that no man, no matter how…

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  • Importance Of Renewable Energy Essay

    There is a dire need of the solution if we are to reduce the environmental degradation for the sake of the future generations. The development of the sustainable energy policy is required to change values and lifestyles in energy production and use. The decline of petroleum production near the end of the 21st century will cause oil and gasoline to be in shorter supply and more expensive but before that they need to be reduced to decrease global climate change. Although people living in…

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