Dominant Eye Dominance In Basketball

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Nick Johnson
Mrs. Susan Stackhouse
English 8
3 December 2014
Sandra Slutz, a staff scientist at Ohio University, found out that if a person is crossed hand eye dominant then they will shoot better because their dominant eye is not blocked by the basketball she also writes, “coaches need to coach from the eyes down”, since the eyes play a very important part in basketball shooting. Although, crossed hand eye dominance provides the best basketball shooting percentages, dominance-altering activities will improve same-side dominance by seven percent.
There are two-types of motor skill gross motor skills and fine motor skills both of them work together to provide coordination and they are typically developed and mastered between the ages of six
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(10)It was discovered by people shooting bows but could not see because they were right eye dominant and shot left handed so they were looking through their less dominant eye. The dominant eye or sighting eye is the eye that processes information fourteen to twenty-one milliseconds faster than the other eye.(7) To find out which eye is the dominant eye hold both of your hands straight out in front of you make a triangle with your hands have somebody look at you then you look at them through the triangle and the more dominant eye will be the eye focusing on that person.(14) At two-five months old you begin to develop hand eye coordination by picking up stuff, eating, and drinking.(9) It is said that if you are crossed hand eye dominant you have a higher chance of making basketball shots because the ball would not be blocking your dominant eye. About 76% of the USA’s population is not crossed hand eye dominant. Being crossed hand eye dominant is not frequent for everyone but it also is not a …show more content…
First I am going to let them shoot ten free throws and record how many they make the free throw line is 15 feet away from the basket.(4) I am going to find out which eye is their dominant eye and I will put an eye patch on that eye. Then I will have them dribble the basketball with their right hand for one minute while they are looking straight forward then they will shoot ten more free throws and I am going to see if their accuracy on making shots increases by at least seven percent. I predict that it will improve your accuracy because if you are crossed hand eye dominant the ball doesn’t block your dominant eye, so you will be able to look where the ball is going and you do not have to take your dominant eye off of the

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