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  • Automobile Dichotomy

    I chose the manufacturing of electric and hybrid automobiles because I find this industry to be a dichotomy within itself. The overall concept of these vehicles sounds like the ultimate solution to the world’s biggest environmental issue, air pollution. We once thought that electricity could take the place of fossil fuels and power our cars with no harm done to the planet, but research has proven otherwise. As it stands today, the United State’s auto giant General Motors, is third in production of electric and hybrid vehicles, with newcomer to the road Tesla, in fifth place. The number one selling electric vehicle is produced by Japan/France owned Nissan-Renault. (Schaal, 2016). As the major car companies are forging ahead with grand plans…

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  • Autonomous Automobiles

    Innovation Management of Autonomous Automobiles The history of automobiles can be traced back to 1769 where Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot [1] built the first steam-powered engine capable of human transportation. Over the next 250 years they became progressively more sophisticated, making use of modern technologies from gasoline internal combustion engines to modern hybrid powering. Automobiles have become an integral part of every day life from personal transport to commercial usage, and they have…

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  • The Invention Of Automobiles In America

    The invention of automobiles propelled us into a pivotal time in American’s everyday life. Automobiles were credited with transforming the time period we know now as the roaring twenties. It transitioned Americans from condensed city living to a far more rural means of life. Because of the automobile the American economy and everyday life improved drastically at the turn of the twentieth century. Cars not only granted a new sense of freedom, they soon became a staple in nearly every American…

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  • American Automobile Industry

    The American Auto Industry Environmental Analysis The automobile is credited to great discoveries from Europe back in the 1800’s. The USA however soon took the baton and has been a major player in innovation on both production techniques and Automobiles. Henry Ford invented Techniques for mass production which improved the layout of inputs in the production process of these automobiles. This led to a game changer in car production as what followed after were improvements in a lot factors.…

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  • Automobile Industry In America

    of crowd-production. In 1983’s the American auto industry was overwhelmed by Japan as the largest automobile producer, and subsequently by China in 2008. America is the currently the second automobile producer in the world by volume. It was approximated that 8-10 million automobiles are manufactured annually in America. The automotive sector is a major industry in America. The invention of the automobile in the late 1800 has revolutionized transportation in America. It was not until Henry Ford…

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  • Automobiles In American Society

    American society, cars play a very important role in the daily lives of Americans. According to a study completed in 2014 by the “AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety”, the average American drives for 29.2 miles per day and 10,658 miles per year (“American Driving”). Cars have become an irreplaceable part of society, and have provided many benefits, but as they have been improved upon, they have also done a lot of damage, leading some to wonder if the changes to automobiles have been positive or…

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  • Automobile Social Impact

    At the beginning of the twentieth century, automobile appeared as a toy for the rich. However, it has gradually become more popular amongst the general populace due to its convenience. With an escalating popularity, mass production of automobile has taken place in the 1920s. Manufacturers began to produce small, lightweight and cheaper cars for the broader market. (Car ownership) The price of automobile in United States and Europe went down and became more affordable to the middle class which…

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  • The Automobile Research Paper

    Innovation in Engineering – Coursework 2 The Automobile Introduction The automobile is considered to be one of the greatest innovations in engineering to date which has changed the lives of people forever. It has made travelling a long distance much faster and as a result the automobile has given people the ability to commute a longer distance for work. The automobile is an innovation which people in the twenty-first century take for granted but this was not the case only a mere one hundred…

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  • Pollution In The Automobile Industry

    global warming, many consumers are becoming more Green – Conscious in their purchases. This is a common trend among the newer generation of consumers coming into play right now. Why does this matter to the Automobile industry? The Automobile Industry has wrecked havoc on non-renewable resources as well as the environment as a whole. It is common knowledge that use of the fossil fuels, creates more C02 int the atmosphere thus increasing our greenhouse gas affect on earth. This is especially bad,…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Automobiles

    The early automobiles weren 't initially thought of as convenient transportation or as a positive innovation. People were skeptical of automobiles due to the dangers that potentially came with them. Before automobiles, people were accustomed to using horses to get around, which were safer but definitely not as fast as cars. An automobile typically has four wheels and can hold 1-6 people, depending on the vehicle. Cars that use gasoline are powered by an engine that allows it to move and can vary…

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