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  • The Automobile: The History Of The Automobile

    The History of the Automobile In recent decades we have come to the point where we just see the car as a normality; an everyday part of life, but little do we ever look back to where it all started. The automobile, defined as a vehicle with an engine which is used for carrying passengers on roads, has come a long way since it was conceived in the late 1800’s. Automobiles have been and still are used for many things such as in businesses, as in personal transportation, or simply for enjoyment. Throughout this essay one will be able to find out about the creation of the first cars and the differences between early European and American cars, the progression of the car and other items associated with it throughout the decades, different technological…

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  • Evolution Of Automobile

    Automobiles have become more attached to humans, they have changed our lifestyles over the years, the first automobile was introduced in 1885 by Karl Benz. Then in 1886 Benz created his first engine powered by gasoline, today his company is still in business and it 's ones of the biggest one in business today. The company Karl Benz started is Mercedes Benz, and it 's known for selling sports cars. The first car Benz made was a three wheel car, it had one tire on the front and two in the back,…

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  • Essay On Automobile Industry

    The American Auto Industry Environmental Analysis The automobile is credited to great discoveries from Europe back in the 1800’s. The USA however soon took the baton and has been a major player in innovation on both production techniques and Automobiles. Henry Ford invented Techniques for mass production which improved the layout of inputs in the production process of these automobiles. This led to a game changer in car production as what followed after were improvements in a lot factors.…

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  • Automobile Industry Impact

    Introduction The automotive industry has grown to be a dominate force in the American industrial landscape. This dominant stance is accompanied by a significant impact upon the environment of the world. The global market for the sale and production of automobiles has ushered in stiff competition the world over. The dominant forces in the industry have seen new manufactures challenge and in some cases overtake the entrenched manufacturers of old. This competition has created an environment where…

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  • The Automobile Industry: An Analysis Of An Automobile Manufacturing Industry

    Analysis of an Automobile Manufacturing Industry The automobile industry is one of the most competitive industries across the world. Over the past few years, the industry has been characterized by chaotic competitiveness, a rising cost of fuel and growing concerns for environmental sustainability has made it very difficult for companies to operate (Ellwood, 2008). While most companies within the automobile industry have embraced the need for small and efficient cars that utilize very minimal…

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  • Automobile Banned Society

    Automobile Banned Society The automobile has been a part of an American life. Even though the manifest functions of the automobile is just a tool of transportation, latent functions of the automobile such as business and entertainment of automobile became important in American Society. If all cars were banned in the United States, the elimination of the automobile would affect social, cultural, economic arrangements in the American society, and also, some adjustments will be required to…

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  • Automobile Industry Challenges

    1890’s, because of the size of the United State internal markets and the use of crowd-production. In 1983’s the American auto industry was overwhelmed by Japan as the largest automobile producer, and subsequently by China in 2008. America is the currently the second automobile producer in the world by volume. It was approximated that 8-10 million automobiles are manufactured annually in America. The automotive sector is a major industry in America. The invention of the automobile in the late…

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  • Effects Of Automobile Essay

    change our culture and way of living has been the automobile. Except for the obvious as means of transportation, automobile has impacted out life in lots of unnoticted yet crucial ways. It has affected the physical, economic and social aspects of our everyday lives. The physical effects of automobile can be seen…

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  • Challenges Of The Automobile Industry

    solutions to meet these challenges. The US auto industry began in the 1890s due to the ability to mass-produce the vehicles for the local market consumers, which at the time were the only people with the means to afford such a luxury. Then and even nowadays as well, the automobile was a status symbol and was able to shift a paradigm of where one stood on the social scale. The top three automobile makers in…

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  • Environmental Impacts Of Automobiles

    Genferal 1 – environmental impacts from the use of automobiles has centered on emissions, climate change and fuel economy. 2 – About three-quarters of the average car can be recycled. 2 - Eighty to 90% of a vehicle’s environmental impact comes from fuel consumption and emissions that lead to air pollution and greenhouse gases. Brake Debris and Tire Particles 1. Substances raise toxicity levels in nearby soilds and in the case of timre particles, lead to the formation of black carbon. Cause…

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