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  • Pros And Cons Of Hybrid-New Plug-In Cars

    Hybrid- New Plug-ins cars With the society becoming more environmentally cautious, it is not surprising that people are looking into more efficient ways to decrease air pollution from mobile emission. One way the society can decrease some of the environment pollutants on earth is decrease toxic emission from mobile sources. To this end, the government is in full support of initiatives to reduce air pollution by the car industry under the guidance of the EPA. These initiatives by all accounts will provide a healthier or greener environment for the future generation. One of the ways the auto industry is supporting the clean air initiative is the roll out of different generation of hybrid automobile, notably the newer plug-in hybrid and the traditional hybrid. The newer plug-in hybrids cars for example are automobile that is partly uses gas and partly uses electricity and partly have electric Plug-In…

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  • Tesla Car Model

    7 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE BUYING A TESLA MODEL S The Tesla Model S is a fully electric car created by Tesla Motors. The body structure is chiefly aluminium strengthened with steel in key areas. It is a car you need to buy if you know what you want. The Tesla Model S is not a hybrid, it has no engine but, it is the car that will exactly suit your needs for years to come. The Tesla Model S is unlike anything you've seen before and it has the size, pace and range to compete with any…

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  • Plug In Cars

    The plug-in hybrid is the way to go The future of automobiles is changing very rapidly. With a demand for less pollution and more efficient vehicles, we need to have alternatives to petroleum powered vehicles. As of now there are a couple of choices to choose from. You can currently buy a pure electric vehicle, a plug-in hybrid vehicle, or a regular hybrid vehicle, as an alternative to standard gasoline powered cars. Of the choices listed, the plug-in vehicle, is the best option for an…

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  • Characteristics Of Vehicle To Grid

    Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) is one power technology of those attractive new energy storage technologies. It aggregated those vehicles with battery (Hybrid electric vehicles, battery electric vehicles, and plug- in hybrid electric vehicles) into the grid as a distributed resource of energy load, storage and generation device. It is not only adding the ability to deliver power from vehicle to the grid, but also can apply the power flow (Lund & Kempton, 2008). V2G technology provides potential solutions…

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  • Hybrid Vehicles Essay

    vehicles just hybrids or all electric cars and trucks. There will be less emissions being let off all at once it virtually will be cut in half. Many car companies have made the push to manufacture electric cars. Also many of the high end luxury companies like Ferrari, McLaren, Porsche and BMW are making the push for it. You may think this raises the price and it has the chance of doing it depending on the car. The systems are getting more advanced as the days go by the cars get smarter and…

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  • Importance Of The Fast Charger Technology

    perhaps a small shop next to a charger. Interviewer: Do you think there will be an onus on the – Not so much an onus, sorry. Do you think it will go hybrid car first? Like people will switch first to hybrid, then to electric? Or how do you -- Interviewee: Yeah. For a long time, that was the thinking. You still see worldwide sales of hybrid and plug-in hybrids outstripping sales of pure battery electric vehicles. But I think as battery technology improves, and charger technology improves,…

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  • Case Study: The Chevrolet Bolt

    The Chevrolet Bolt is easy to confuse with the Volt. Both are made by the same company and both are small electric cars are eligible for the $7500 tax credit. However, the Volt is a plug in hybrid, that claims to be a full electric with a battery extender (an internal combustion (IC) engine). The other is a true full electric. As such, the Bolt is wasting no time before gunning for the Tesla Model 3’s prestige, which will be a main competitor when it is released. Chevy’s full electric auto was…

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  • Automobile Industry Impact On The Environment

    Some of these new technologies include hybrid cars, plug-in hybrid cars, electric cars, and cars with higher fuel-efficiency. Hybrid cars are cars that still use gas, but also use more electricity. By adding an electric motor and rechargeable batteries, you can increase the efficacy by 50%. Plug-in hybrids have larger battery and can go up to 40 miles with out using gas just by plugging them into a normal outlet in your home. Electric cars use no gas, reduce dependency on oil, and are cheaper to…

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  • Electric Car Factors

    Factors Influencing the Growth of Electric Car 1. Cost Factors: - a. Batteries and Fuel: The cost of the Plug-in Electric vehicle is comparatively higher than that of the conventional vehicles. The main reason for high cost is the cost of its batteries. There is uncertainty in the resale value of plug-in electric vehicle because of its battery deterioration. However, the operational cost of plug in vehicle is much lower than its counterparts. The cost of charging electric vehicles is…

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  • Audi E-Tron Advertisement Analysis

    With growing concern for the environment, multiple corporations have attempted to make their products eco-friendly and efficient. For the automotive industry, electric cars have taken a new stand and are gaining popularity. Audi, in particular has put together an advertisement that strives to give their first ever plug-in hybrid vehicle an honorable and superior title. In this TV commercial, the setting, events, music and body language all contribute to the main claim and goal, which is to…

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