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  • Stuff You Missed In History: Poem Analysis

    I may be a little slow to the podcast game, but I blame my extremely short attention span. In no way am I a “books on tape” kind of girl, because then I become “daydream-look at the window –miss half the chapter” kind of girl. So years ago, when my husband suggested I download these podcasts, I dismissed him. Like I smiled and nodded my head and thought about puppies, ice cream cones, and sunshine while he listed a bunch of podcasts I would like. I lumped them together with my attempts to listen to books in the car on my hour commute. Basically, this is what would happen: I would turn the car on and start the chapter, and then I would end up at work and have no idea what I just listened to because I was too busy thinking. I didn’t need to…

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  • The Harms Of Social Media In Today's Society

    If people relied more on the outside world, It would be much easier to be sociable in today’s society. It is very easy to get on the internet and talk to someone, work on something, get on social media, and even find a quick answer for a test. Today’s society relies solely on the internet for their answers; when past generations didn 't have it so easy. As Much information as the internet holds, people depend on it too much just because it 's much easier to find what they’re looking for. As…

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  • Decriminalization Of Technology

    THE DISTRACTION OF TECHNOLOGY Students today spend most of their time using technology without realizing the effect of the issue. Technology is like a drug its addicting students use technology during school and afterschool. Some students use their phones to search up ideas or answers for their homework or other students would rather go on social media. Technology is effecting students grades and their education and there is many…

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  • Podcasting In Higher Education

    Not all podcasts are great, however, because of the age of smartphones, and iTunes, apps are available. The use of smartphones and Android apps makes podcasting a trend. Students and teachers have Bluetooth connectivity. That connectivity means that students adaption to podcasting begs to question, where will podcasting take us next. Forbes (2015) researches student’s involvement and adaption to podcasting. In the article Beyond lecture capture: Student-generated podcasts in teacher…

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  • Virus Podcast Reflection

    Virus Podcast Reflection The thing that surprised me the most about this podcast came at the beginning. I knew that discoveries of bacteria and viruses were fairly recent, with viruses being even more recent because normally they are only a fraction of the size. I didn’t realize that up until 2003, viruses were just lumped into this random category that no one really took the time to sort out and try and make any discoveries in. I think that it makes sense though because researchers want to be…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of A Podcast

    Beginning of this podcast “Words” the speaker immediately grabs the reader's attention and gives the reader vivid imagery of what she was experiencing. Which gives the reader an idea of what she had gone through so the reader would be able to have a better understanding of the situation and what the speaker is really trying to get out of this experience. The usage of imagery allows the reader to feel that they are at the scene and physically seeing her getting into the accident. Toward the…

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  • Radiolab Podcast Analysis

    Radiolab is a podcast that focuses on discussing a wide variety of topics that are found in our world today. A concept that was discussed on the podcast was one that connects one of the largest creatures in the world to a human. In the Radiolab podcast episode titled, “Animal Minds”, Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich, along with their guest, Mick Menago, analyze the idea that animals can express emotions similar to those of humans. In today’s society, people often associate human qualities, such…

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  • Blogs, Wikis And Podcasts Essay

    Blogs, wikis and podcasts, deals with social software in which a variety of social users have the opportunity to include their own matters. Among these, podcasts are significant for the language teachers because teachers find difficult to find resources for pronunciation with a variety of accents and registers to be used in the classes. Wikis and blogs incorporate a wide variety of audiovisual items that are worth incorporating in the foreign language classroom.…

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  • Doughboy Podcasts Analysis

    American’s like to give fast food chains a bad reputation, but why? Because we like to blame them for the rise in obesity. In all reality fast food is what we American’s love. Obesity is not something to blame the food for; we have to blame ourselves for that. We love the fancy sit-down restaurants just as much as we love food trucks with a C rating if anything we love the cheaper option more. It’s something about the burgers with greasy buns, and steaming hot fries that keeps us coming back.…

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  • Podcast Assignment 6 Analysis

    Podcast Assignment 6: “FDR’s Losing Battle To Pack The Supreme Court”. Podcast Assignment 6 is about the interview to historian Jeff Shesol –author of several books and former speechwriter for President Bill Clinton– about his book: Supreme Power: Franklyn Roosevelt Vs. The Supreme Court. This book is a narrative of President Roosevelt’s idea for packing the United States Supreme Court and the events that originated this idea; the strategy he used to achieve his plan; the reaction of his…

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