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  • Bath Salts Essay

    chemical cathinone (). “Some of the more common synthetic versions of cathinone are methylenedioxypyrovalerone, abbreviated MDPV, methylone and mephedrone, among others” ().“The most common substance identidied by emergency rooms treating patients who report or are suspected to have ingested bath salts is MDPV” (). The most common ingredient in bath salts is a substance named cathinone. “Cathinone is present in the khat plant which is native to the area around the Horn of Africa and Arabian Peninsula” (). Cathinone is able to move across the blood brain barrier and affect the nervous system. MDPV has been known to increase the levels of dopamine in the brain. Dopemine is a hormone that controls multiple brain functions, for example, movement, attention, and learning. Cocaine is known to achieve the same effects, but it is said that MDPV’s effect is ten times stronger. In spite of the fact that most drugs are addictive, bath salts are known to be highly addictive, and the drug is more addictive than meth. Bath salts are available online from retailers, on the streets, and in so called drug store. It is hard to determine if the dealer is selling bathing salts or the drug bath salts. Drug dealers sometimes sell bath salts to unsuspecting users under the appearance of other drugs like ecstasy. Bath salts are usually swallowed, snorted through the nose, or injected through the veins. The last two methods are the most…

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  • Mca2 Into A Brochure Analysis

    and other pieces of information that are addressed to current residents. I figured if ordinary things such as the items listed could be sent out why not an informational brochure about a popular new pastime like could cause us harm. As well as sending out the brochures through the mail another way of distributing them would be at health centers throughout the cities and towns in New Mexico. These places would include schools, medical centers, and other places individuals seek out when they are…

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  • Fate In Romeo And Juliet Essay

    In William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, a pair of teenage lovers is introduced, whose love leads to their tragic demise. Whilst Romeo and Juliet are responsible for their own behaviours, Shakespeare demonstrates that other factors beyond their control contribute to their predicament. Being from opposing families, the toxic feud greatly influences Romeo and Juliet’s relationship. In addition, the concept of fate does not fall lightly on the lovers, however, it is evident that the lovers’…

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  • Essay About Cleopatra's Death

    Many debate Cleopatra’s death was a suicide or murder.Cleopatra had died and it was said that it was suicide. Many people go against that theory and say that it was murder.She was said to have committed suicide with an asp, and Egyptian Cobra, while she was captive by Octavian. That very well could not have been the cause of her death.Cleopatra has always been the most memorable Egyptian Queen of Egypt, but her death has been questioned over again and no one is really sure how or why she died.…

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  • We Have Always Lived In The Castle Analysis

    Blackwood house includes a kitchen, Uncle Julian room, and Merricat room. “The rooms we used together were the back ones, the kitchen and the back bedrooms and the little warm room off the kitchen where Uncle Julian lived (20)”. Jackson’s point of view argues that the Blackwood house occupies with two cultures that contradict one another .The parents of Merriacat who are no longer alive and Uncle Julian are the dark side of the Blackwood house. Merericat and constant are the safe side of the…

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  • Forensic Toxicology: Arsenic Poison

    Forensic Toxicology: Arsenic Poison Glenda Cabrera George Mason University Abstract This paper will focus forensic toxicology. Starting off with the meaning of the two words; followed by the father of toxicology. This paper will more specifically focus on the effects that arsenic poison has on the human body. Also how often time it is confused with just being a common illness like food poison. But the most important is how it is undetectable until it’s too late and the body is undergoing…

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  • Stereotypes Of The Millennials In The 21st Century

    the results of failure from the previous generations. In other words, our problems have been inherited and they are only going to get worse as time goes by unless we do something about it to either make it better or make it stop from spreading as a whole. There must be unity in the fight for having a better world to live in and be a part of, because otherwise it will seem impossible to accomplish such goal. To truly get the full picture of the issues affecting Millennials, we must first take…

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  • The Importance Of Corruption In William Shakespeare's Hamlet

    The play, Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, begins and ends with death by poison, but furthermore poison is a powerful tool that Claudius utilizes to murder, figuratively taint minds, and cause political corruption. The play grows out of a serious murder, the poisoning of the king. The former king, King Hamlet, was not only murdered, but murdered by his brother who has now taken over the throne. The man who now sits on the throne begins his reign built on lies and deceptions, ruling as a result of…

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  • The True Meaning Of Medicine In Medicine Walk, By Richard Wagamese

    Medicine Walk by Richard Wagamese is a novel of tremendous pain and healing. The title in itself gives readers the opportunity to ponder the true meaning of the “Medicine”, and to come to the realization that the author is not talking about medicine in solely the physical sense of the word. Wagamese also brings the perspective of a journey into the title through the use of the verb “Walk”. After analysing the true meaning of the title, readers can begin to look at how the medicine is working to…

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  • Literary Analysis: Dulce Et Decorum Est And The Unknown Citizen

    impression of what the real life of a solider is like, which underlies the irony of the poem’s title. Owen applied these words to demonstrate that dying for one’s country is not a sweet occurrence. Moreover, in the second stanza the speaker says “Gas! GAS! Quick, boys! - An ecstasy of fumbling” (Line 10). The use of the word “ecstasy” is a strange way of phrasing in the presented situation. Generally the word “ecstasy” applies to an overwhelming feeling of happiness. Nevertheless, Owen uses this…

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