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  • Symbolism In The Teachings Of Diné People

    hogan. When First Man was first created by the Creator and the Holy People (Diyin Diné 'é), he needed a home, which they all worked together to plan. In the construction of the first hogan, the Blessingway ceremony was performed, where the chief hogan songs, one of the two types of hogan songs, were sung. (Wyman 1970, 11-13). In the hogan songs, the five basic foundation poles were built from precious jewels: the east pole (though it was two poles rather than one) was made from white shell, the south of turquoise, the west of abalone shell, and the north of cannel coal (Luomala 1938, 83). The poles were blessed by the chief hogan songs and were given meaning due to their directionality and orientation. In addition, the poles were associated to specific deities: the east pole to Mother Earth, the south to Mountain Woman, the west to Water Woman, and the north to Corn Woman. During the ceremony, the songs are sung in order and the poles are placed into position starting from the east, moving clockwise (Wyman 1970, 114). The result was a fork-stick hogan, which was a conical hogan created from interlocked poles. The shape of the Gobernador Knob is tapered and creates the shape of the fork-stick hogan, which adds to the legitimacy of the myth as both entities share the same physical attribute. The shape of the land formation of one of the inner sacred mountains, Huerfano Mountain, links the creation myths to the origins of the round hogan. When Changing Woman was a baby, she…

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  • Son Of Saul And Maus Analysis

    perpetrator conflict with Jews and Poles. Of course, the two works aren’t exactly the same and there are some major thematic differences. Perhaps the most striking difference is the difference in the identity politics narrative that can be seen in both works. To begin with the major comparisons between both works, one should probably start at the key plot elements that drives Son of Saul and Maus: the…

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  • Saint Cloud: An Intertextual Analysis

    have a very simply body (The Pantheon Paris, 2009). However, the tops and bases of the columns is what has all of the design and detail. The part of the columns that connects them to the roof of the Pantheon is what gives is the elegant look that it has. While in the same area of the Lakefront Park in Saint Cloud I came across a set of six yellow poles that immediately reminded me of Donald Judd’s sculpture, Untitled, which consists of ten copper boxes evenly spaced by mathematical premise.…

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  • Store X Case Study

    quality. There is also the perception that if something looks expensive must be good quality even when the item itself was of low price and quality. The locations where each item was placed were carefully selected, from lower to high price items. Store X has two big entrances with two handbags poles all located at each side. The low priced home brand handbags were placed at the four front poles, as they are the store focus point of sale for several reasons. The front poles served as an…

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  • Polish American Culture

    family is from and visited family. I know a few Polish words, and hope to learn more. Every year, we have a traditional Polish Christmas time meal on Christmas eve. The meal consists of borscht, a traditional beet soup, pierogi, which are essentially Polish dumplings, a fish, because up until Christmas day they are not allowed to eat red meat. We enjoy watching sports like the Polish do, we like to watch basketball, and swimming. We even do this sports! My family also eats a lot of Polish foods.…

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  • Pole Vaulters Movement Analysis

    Imagine sprinting for 40 meters while holding a pole up to three times your height. At the end of the runway you propel yourself up as high as you can to fly over a bar. The four stages include prep and stance, acceleration, pole plant, and clearance and landing. The pole vaulters stance is the set up in preparation to begin accelerating towards the platform. The 40 meter dash while holding the large pole is a phase known as approach. The stance swing occurs during the pole plant which then…

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  • Meaning Of Totem Pole

    Totem Pole Animal Meanings Essay What is a Totem Pole? First off, totem poles come from first nations and they are wood carvings on large trees. The carvings are spirit animals and every totem pole is different. I made an origami “Totem pole” for an assignment for a novel. My totem pole had many different animals on it that relate to me, and they are in order of past, present, and future. I will be explaining why I chose those specific animals for a specific time, such as, the past, present,…

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  • Totem Pole Symbols

    Totem Pole Essay Living in different states was very interesting, especially if you have lived in different parts of the country. Moving around applies to my past because I have lived in five states, each having a different climate. Since I am the person who moved and experienced different things, I am a person who likes adventure and to try new things. I want to go travel and explore different parts of the world in my life. On my totem pole, the symbols that represent me are stars, a brain,…

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  • Dance Pole Dance Essay

    Question: Practicing with the dance pole can be quite frustrating at times, especially the pain felt on my inner thigh. I normally get this pain when I sit on the pole, or when completing the popular up-side down pole stunts while squeezing the pole using the inner thighs. It’s really painful, and at times my skin will end up with bruises. Is there a solution to this problem? Your help can definitely give me the comfort and convenience that I need. By the way, thanks for this website! Answer:…

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  • The Haida Culture

    Haida Culture The First Nation people who lived on the coastal bays/inlets of Haida Gwai in BC were the Haida culture. They were skilled traders and seafarers. They are known for their mostly known by their totem poles and their art work. They all of the Haida people belonged to two social groups. The two groups were the Raven and Eagle and also known as clans or moieties. Each family of a village was an independent entity. Clan membership was matrilineal. A group contained more than 20…

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