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  • Poliomyelitis

    Poliomyelitis, also known as Polio, is an infectious disease caused by the polio virus. This disease can spread from person to person and can invade an infected person’s brain and spinal cord, causing paralysis. Symptoms are seen rarely for this illness, but if seen it’s usually flu like symptoms. There are three types of polio, sub-clinical, paralytic, and nonparalytic. Young children, pregnant women, and people with low immunity are more susceptible to this disease. This disease spreads from person to person through contact with feces. Poliovirus can only infect humans and it is contagious. First, the virus enters a person’s body through their mouth. Then, the virus stays in their throat and reproduces. The virus…

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  • Poliomyelitis Research Paper

    Poliomyelitis Poliomyelitis (polio) is a highly contagious disease caused by a poliovirus. There are three types, or serotypes, of poliovirus: P1, P2, and P3. All three types can cause infection and are considered paralytogenic. Before the development of the polio vaccine, the disease had worldwide occurrence. Humans, particularly children are the identified reservoir for the virus and can be transmitted through direct and indirect contact with respiratory discharges and feces. However, the…

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  • Jonas Salk Essay

    acknowledged by well-known faces and he created a safe haven for many children and young adults worldwide. To begin, there are many branches in the medical field and Jonas Salk pursued in the branches of virology and medicine. In his early ages, Jonas Salk graduated with a bachelor’s degree in science, but quickly found out after that practicing and studying medicine sparked interest as well, where he soon became a physician (“Jonas Salk). Physicians have a very crucial position in society, so…

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  • How Did Jonas Salk Use The Polio Vaccine

    The people living in the 20th century were plagued by a virtually unstoppable disease. Children were infected and sometimes the disease was fatal. The United States had a Poliomyelitis epidemic in the years between 1916 and 1952, which was the peak of the epidemic (Petersen). Polio, as it is more commonly known, caused a great deal of pain, fear, and heartache for these people. It did, however, lead Jonas Salk to create a vaccine that would change the developed world forever. Polio cause Salk to…

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  • Global Poliomyelitic Analysis

    Poliomyelitis is a viral disease that can affect nerves and can lead to partial or full paralysis. Cutting through every human it came into contact with and preventing them from living a long and full life; Polio was a disease that ravaged the world for decades, maybe even centuries. Jonas Edward Salk, an American medical researcher and virologist at the New York University School of Medicine, discovered and developed a vaccine to stop this virus’ terrifying rampage. The vaccine was a weapon…

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  • Three Different Types Of Polio Vaccine

    Polio Vaccination Carly Spencer Poliomyelitis Poliomyelitis otherwise known as “Polio” is an infectious viral disease that affects the nervous system and can cause “paralysis” (paralyzation) or death if left uncured. There are three different types of the disease - Paralytic, Nonparalytic and Sub-Clinical. Types of Polio Infections Paralytic - the rarest and most serious type of Polio - which is the highest chance to leading to full or partial paralysis. There are also three…

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  • Polio Vaccine Research Paper

    Polio Vaccine Polio Vaccine was found in 1953 by a doctor named Jonas Salk to cure the virus “Poliomyelitis”. Polio attacks the nerve cells and sometimes the central nervous system, causing muscle wasting, paralysis, and even death. Polio is caused by the poliovirus, a highly contagious virus specific to humans. The virus usually enters the environment in the feces of someone who is infected. From this outbreak, many people including children have suffered severe injuries. A 1916 polio…

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  • Essay On Polio

    The disease I have chosen to research is the polio virus. The full name is poliomyelitis. The name comes from a Greek origin meaning, gray and marrow which refer to the spinal cord, and –itis which means inflammation. This disease was a major fear in the early 20th century. There are two major different types of the disease which I will discuss further in this paper. One of the two I will discuss is broken down into three different categories. I will go further into depth with all of the types.…

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  • Polio An American Story Analysis

    Polio: An American Story is about the journey of the poliovirus and how they came to find the cure. The thesis is stated clearly in the introduction of this book. Oshinsky talks about how the feud between Salk and Sabin was continuous, and that the debate is still ongoing on weather Salk or Sabin made the better vaccine for this virus. He then ends with saying “What is certain, however, is that the polio crusade that consumed them remains one of the most significant and culturally revealing…

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  • Jonas Salk's Arguments Against The Polio Vaccine

    effective, especially with multiple doses, against the three strains of the virus. The IPV is used more because the OPV has a rare chance of becoming the virus and causing paralysis. Poliomyelitis, is often shortened to polio. And is caused by the poliovirus. The majority of people that have the poliovirus are asymptomatic but some symptoms are flu-like tendencies than usually go away after a few days and in severe cases, weakness and paralysis in a person’s limbs that could become permanent.…

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