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  • A Career In The Police Officer

    DO YOU WANT TO BEA POLICEMAN? If you are interested in doing something worthwhile for your community, then you can take up a career in the police industry. Police officers are employed by the state and agencies which deal with local law enforcement. A job in the police department simply entails • Reducing crime • Enforcing traffic safety • Investigation • Working in jails • Testifying in courts in cases they are involved You have to be ready to accept responsibility, work as a team, meet daily challenges, and gain the respect of your community. There are different roles in the police department. • Police Officers After the probationary training period, you now become a police officer. A police officer helps in fighting crimes especially…

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  • Hesitation In Police Officer

    uncertainty of mind or fear.” Hesitation and police officers are directly related. In this line of work hesitation could mean life or death. Some people are arguing about should the officers hesitate or should not hesitate. The police officers can save innocent life if he/she hesitate. On the other hand, the police officers may loses his/her own life. The police officers should hesitate on both situations. Situation can be good or bad. When I say good situation, the suspects or the criminals has…

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  • Ethical Issues In Police Officers

    professional practices of officers in the criminal justice system viewed by most are the highest standards in the country. On daily basis officers, confront ethical and professional challenges that required sound judgment, fortitude and integrity to overcome temptation. The only way to combat ethical issues faced by officers is to be ahead ethical problems. For example, accept only the most qualified recruits in academy’s, make ethics training incessant and deliberate for officer throughout…

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  • The Career Paths Of A Police Officer

    The career paths that I am thinking of taking is either probation or police officer in the city of Portage. This semester has given me some type of outlook on what you are going to be dealing with in regard to counseling offenders. The amount of time and focus you need to have with every individual you encounter. Also how hard it is for the rehabilitation of offenders and the need to take baby steps with them. Not being so much pressure on them and they just go back to old habits that…

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  • Becoming A Police Officer

    been fascinated with becoming a police officer. Doing justice the right way and making sure that people obey government laws the right way is the kind of job I would like to pursue. This job is becoming a police officer. In this essay I am going to write about three main aspects of becoming a police officer: the job description and responsibilities, and the education required to accelerate in this career. Police officer is a warranted employee of a police force. Police officers are…

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  • Police Officer Research Paper

    In this day and age it is not required for police officers to go to school though some say it is infact, beneficial. In this essay you will see the studies of evidence in determining whether or not it is actually beneficial. There are many opinions on this topic, but many don’t understand this topic due to the lack of research. I will be going over some evidence I have found on this topic, as well as my opinion to go with it. This essay will help many become more open-minded about whether cops…

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  • Personal Essay: The Challenges Of A Police Officer

    wear flashy outfits to hide their true identities, they look just like you and I. All people need some form of protection and police men and women provide that. Hard working and dedicated, they give their time for every family in need of protection. They keep the streets as safe as they can and are there when your family needs them. This job presents many physical and mental challenges and you are expected to be the safe haven for the city you are serving in. The…

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  • Public Service: A Career As A Police Officer

    righteous policing Is a career that calls my name. despite the many controversial issues that revolve around police officers and policing I truly believe that police officers are here to help. becoming a police officer is not an easy road, although the job only requires a high school diploma further education is expected, not only do You have to be educated, but you have to be diverse and well rounded because of the different people and different situations you face every day. Aside from it…

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  • Success: My Personal Goals To Becoming A Police Officer

    receive a variety of responses. This sense of achievement is a personal concept as each individual aims to accomplish different goals. As for me, my definition of success revolves around happiness; the ability to attain what I desire without compromising my happiness. My major goal in life is to become a police officer. However, I will need to achieve a multitude of smaller, short term goals to be able to reach my major, long term goal. These short term goals include: passing the PREP test and…

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  • Characteristics Of Police Officers

    The personality of a police officer What does it take to become a police officer? What type of skills do you need to possess, to do the job and continue to excel at the job? Police officers have one of the hardest jobs, having to deal with criminals and other civilians who criticize the work when most officers want to provide aid to people in need. Many police officers use discretion that could account for the different personalities they use. Empathy is to put yourself into the same shoes as…

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