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  • Ethics: Ethics Inside Law Enforcement Agencies

    Ethics Inside Law Enforcement Agencies There has been conflict with agencies and communities when it comes to ethics of their officers. Utilitarianism and deontology have shown to impact the law enforcement tremendously. When it comes to the decision-making process, Conway and Gawronski have conducted several studies to determine inclinations of morals in human beings (Conway & Gawronski, 2013). Psychology is an important part of the ethics thinking of individuals. Not everyone is made to think the same way, and the thought process of an officer can determine how they will perform when on duty. Law Enforcement Ethics Standards The ethical standards of law enforcement come from many sources. Ethics can date all the way back to Socrates’s…

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  • Police Agency Roles

    order for policing agency to be successful and stop crime a police organizations must be setup. This gives police agencies a chain of command and structure. It is also important that every agency knows their roles and responsibilities as it applies to the law. Each policing agency either falls under Federal, State, or local agencies. Knowing this enables the different policing agency to know what laws to enforce in their area of responsibility. Each agencies roles and functions are set forth…

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  • Community Mediation Case Study

    encourage the recruitment of Asian-Americans to pursue careers in law enforcement, police departments are encouraged to work in partnership with Asian organizations such as the Asian Law Caucus, Asian Pacific Islander Legal Outreach, and the National Asian Peace Officers’ Association (Hicks, 2015). Community trust and police integrity correlate with one another (United States Department of Justice-Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, 2015). By establishing strategies that can foster…

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  • Ethics Of The Use Of Force

    Excessive Force in New Jersey State There are several laws governing police misconduct including current laws pending in legislation statewide. Ethically, all laws must focus on the overall “good for everyone”. Police officers should not be excused from holding up to their professional standards. Deontology systems of ethics is said to deal with intentions and motives. Deontological ethics is concerned with acts-- if it is intrinsically right or wrong. According to the State of New…

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  • Community Oriented Policing

    Community-oriented Policing Introduction: The article that I have chosen to write my course project on will cover community-oriented policing and strategies that are intertwined with the program. Amongst law enforcement personnel, there will always be a debate regarding traditional policing and proactive policing through problem solving. Many believe that using the traditional approach, you’ll be provided with a quick response to incidents. Others believe there are proven long-term benefits of…

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  • Active Shooter Situation Analysis

    Run………………………HIDE…………………………….FIGHT Assessing an active shooter policy/procedure for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Miami Regional Operations Center Prepared by: Ronya Walters-Cash Crime Intelligence Analyst II Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) Miami Regional Operations Center (MROC) FLEAA Class XXIV June 9th, 2015 Executive Summary page The purpose of this assessment was to create and promote an active shooter policy and an active shooter procedure/drill for the…

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  • Conflict Between Supervisor Y And Subordinates

    Working for a law enforcement agency whether you are a certified officers or a civilian supervisor. All personnel take an oath and have a duty to protect and serve. We as Americans tend hold law enforcement personnel higher standard because we hope they have the moral virtue to do what is right and lead by example to make a unit run efficiently. However, when a leader is a psychological egoist with a utilitarian view, many times he/she tips the scales of right and wrong in order to give their…

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  • Thoma Valley Police Case Study

    research initiatives which are extremely important in times of increasing budget problems. They are in charge of consistently discovering and reporting on the best and most efficient practices in policing while preparing the background for new ideas and initiatives for the agency. The key is making sure the unit does not become too large where they are wasting resources rather than finding ways to optimize them. 2. Describe how you…

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  • Three Forms Of Law Enforcement

    has been many pioneers to law enforcement. From the Father of law enforcement August Vollmer and Jim Fisher, who created many criminal investigative techniques just to name a few. The different levels of law enforcement are very important aspect to consider, that being federal, state and local. Each level is just as important as the other is, but different at the same time. Nevertheless one cannot operate without the other which allows the criminal justice as a whole to balance as one. The…

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  • Miramar Police Department Case Study

    This third internet activity requires that we locate and analyze the agency applicant requirements for the position of entry level law enforcement officer for our local law enforcement agency; therefore, I will discuss the hiring process for the City of Miramar Police Department. The application process and how to get started are found on the Miramar Police Department’s website at, and although I could not find an estimate on how long this process could…

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