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  • Law School Admissions Essay: A Career As A Law Student

    the last day of class and I am in awe with emotions. I would think that I would be fulfilled with content, but instead I am anxious. While most of my colleagues are worrying about where to travel for the summer, I have the anguish insight of knowing that I will spend my summer studying for the frightening, intimidating, Law School Admission Test (LSAT). The only thing that is certain is that this test determines where I go to law school. The average debt that law school students consume is roughly $100,000 (Baum, 6). If I am going to be in debt, then I need to go to my dream school, which has always been Harvard Law School. In the hope that I get accepted into one of the most prestigious law schools in the world I will have to study…

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  • Law School Film Analysis

    My personal reaction to this film left me feeling both intimidated and anxious. The insight on what law school will be like is no easy reality to face. The films main message clearly establishes that law school involves an immense amount of studying, a finite social life, and lastly a stressful lifestyle. The film portrays this message by revealing the true difficulties and challenges that come about in law school through the perspective of the main character, James Hart, who is a student…

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  • Law School Case Study

    Factors Law school will be a costly investment no matter where a prospective law school student decides to go and that cost only goes up when undergraduate costs are added that are not getting paid off while they are at law school. The most important factors for a prospective law school student to consider when applying to law school to determine the quality of the investment in that law school primarily comes down to employment statistics after graduation and the cost of attending said law…

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  • Law School Case Study

    American University Law School’s campus is beautiful; the classrooms are new, spacious, and sometimes well-lit. I was really excited to have the opportunity to sit in a real law school class amongst unrehearsed law students, which would give me an insight into the inner workings of a law school classroom. The experience was rewarding in more ways than one and it also reinforced my plans to attend law school. My expectations were unclear, as I had sat in a Torts class before, but this time I sat…

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  • School Law In Public Schools

    School law has become a very important part of our school districts over the past few decades. These laws are put into place to protect the students, faculty, staff, and parents involved in the everyday operations of our schools. For example, Brown v. Board of Education opened the doors for students of all races and nationalities to attend the same schools. So, when I was deciding which administrator I was going to interview, I decided that I should find one who has been in the school system for…

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  • School Law: Case Study

    School law is a vital knowledge to have in the education field. There are my aspects that teachers and administrators must know prior to engaging students, parents, and staff. This knowledge of school law will help protect teachers and administrators from any repercussions that could follow from negative actions that might have taken place in the school or with another school member. The saying knowledge is power could not be more true when dealing with school law. During this past week, we…

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  • Law School Application Essay

    I first realized my interest to study law whilst playing with a law-book. In lieu of a toy my mother would hand me one of the many law books piled up on the kitchen table. I recall reaching for the book, dragging it to the nearest chair and accepting my mother’s friendly invitation to join her. The law books my mother had piled up had a unique way of influencing different aspects of our life. I remember thinking how my mother and I used the law books in completely different ways. Its intriguing…

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  • Law School Personal Statement

    standout amongst the most vital parts of your law school application, is a chance to highlight your composition capacity, your personality, and your experience. Consider it a composed meeting amid which you get the opportunity to pick the inquiry. Law schools are very much aware of the terrible occupation business, and they need to verify you realize what you're getting yourself into by applying. It's essential that you pass on in your personal statement that you've painstakingly measured the…

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  • Application Essay: My Path To Law School

    I wanted to start off by saying, in addition to the Cayman Islands and London programs you have asked me about, I have also participated in the Cuba Spring Break Program and the Granada, Spain summer program. Q) Can you tell me a little about your background and your path to law school? A) During my senior year of high school I enlisted in the Army as a Military Intelligence Analyst. I served in the Army for over 5 years, most of which was spent overseas. When my time in service was coming to…

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  • Application Essay: A Career In Law School

    The legal professions have never interested more than they have now. From being something off my radar, it has turned into a possible career choice. Being in graduate business school, this internship may seem as an irrelevant undergraduate level experience, but the impact it will have in my career path may be crucial. This will be my first hands-on experience in the area of law. Being used to the business mindset or school of thought, this will definitely be an interesting experience. The reason…

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