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  • Case Study: No-Layoff Memo

    The company would rather lose money in the short term before needing to layoff their employees and risk not meeting the customer needs. The employees were number one priority because it was strongly believed that if the employees feel happy and know their job is secured they will be devoted to ensure the best product is made creating great results. Letting go of employees was viewed as an easy way out instead of making creative moves that will allow employees not to be laid off, meet customer demands, and not let the company go down in ruins. “We have sometimes needed to be creative in order to avoid letting employees go during a downturn, but I am proud to say that we have succeeded in this effort.” (Beer & Swiercz,…

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  • Analysis Of Bob Hicok's Calling Him Back From Layoff

    Back from Layoff.” Through Hicok’s creative use of logos, conspicuous use of pathos, and ambiguous utilization of ethos, he demonstrates that being fired is difficult on both the employer and the employee. The author chooses a rather artistic approach to applying logical appeal to convey the message that firing someone is a grueling decision. The facts are not explicitly stated; the reader has to use deductive reasoning to come to a couple of significant…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Voluntary Separation

    she had not met her assigned goal. It would have been a second write up for her, which ultimately meant termination. Instead she approached the HR team with her dilemma, and was granted job protection for 12 weeks due to her illness. Another cause of involuntary separation can be the result of behavioral issues; where an employee 's behavior is found to be unethical, and based on facts learned, an employee is terminated. There are many reasons why layoffs occur in organizations. simply put…

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  • Fmla Research Paper

    (USERRA). USERRA requires employers to reinstate returning members of military services to the jobs. If the military employee had not received protected by USERRA, the employer would not hold their position. To pursue layoffs, an employer would have to prove “circumstances have so changed as to make such reemployment impossible or unreasonable . . . Alternatively, such employment would impose an undue hardship on the employer” (HRhero). COBRA COBRA federal law” requires most employers that…

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  • North Bay Hospital Research Paper

    as well. Trigger Event Over the course of my shadowing shifts at the hospital, the change that was occurring throughout the entire hospital was evident. I heard of budgeting cuts that lead to cancellations of programs, lay offs, and other factors that made the the staff on the floor feel uncertain as to the future of the hospital. A program that was cut on the Complex Continuing Care Unit was the “Breakfast Club” where volunteers and other staff would come and assist the patients in eating…

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  • Layoff Essay

    Companies have ups and downs with the changes in the economy and your employment status depends on the company’s stability. Being laid off is not the end of your career. Layoffs can happen at any point in your career and it typically occurs a result of a management failure. A layoff is not being fired. To be fired, there has to be a cause -- you did something to be fired. For a layoff, the job simply ceases to exist. Consider the following strategies to assist you after a layoff: Take care of…

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  • Explain How To Implement The Change And 3 Reduce Resistance To Change

    Consideration of the emotional outcome of individuals who are laid off instead of focusing only on the economical outcome can be important in offsetting the devastating effects layoffs can cause. The reasons companies choose downsizing as a measure are varying with the major impetus for implementing a strategy of downsizing being the desire for immediate cost reductions (Gandolfi, 2008). Although there is a growing amount of research that suggests the desired cost cutting effects of downsizing…

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  • Tartaro Ethical Dilemmas

    being said, this excludes senior employees eligible or near to retirement, but to those who lost their jobs as the younger members of the employees did. The severance package is determined by the number of years worked plus the minimum state-mandated base. The terminated employee will receive one week of severance pay for each year they have worked for the company at their normal weekly salary. As well as accrued PTO however, sick leave will not be compensated. During the time period that the…

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  • Downsizing Case Study

    had to spend money to rehire (“The Case Against Layoffs”). Southwest Airlines was the only airline to not downsize, and now they are the largest American airline and they have a market larger than all of its competitors combined (“The Case Against Layoffs”). This evidence is a good argument against downsizing because Southwest Airlines did not downsize—even in a time of a drought in the market—and they are extremely successful now. Financial managers who gain this knowledge will spread it to…

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  • Google Company Case Study

    Google Plans to Lay Off 200 Workers 26 March 2009, 200 Layoffs “So today we have informed Googlers that we plan to reduce the number of roles within our sales and marketing organizations by just under 200 globally. The recession makes the timing even more difficult for the Googlers concerned. We had to restructure our organizations in order to improve our effectiveness and…

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