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  • Why Study Law Personal Statement

    At these placements I worked alongside many professionals who have taken different pathways to Law such as Lawyers, solicitors, barristers and paralegals. Working alongside these different people was very interesting as it made me realise all the career pathways that are available to me after completing my Law degree. Also I became aware of the many different areas of Law such as immigration, personal injury, commercial, and criminal Law. The most appealing career option to me is criminal Law as it is the one that fascinates me the most. This is because dealing with people who are vulnerable and are not in a good position is my speciality which I have developed through the many work placements I have done. At these Law firms I dealt with making appointments for clients, filling essential paperwork, checking if case files contained the correct legal documents, typed up court…

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  • Maureen Boldt Case Study

    Maureen Boldt, a local mediator in Ontario who was brought forth in the Superior Court of Justice, on March 22, 2006 for being alleged guilty of breaching the injunction order of Bolan J. Ms. Boldt was accused for authorized practice of the law which contradicted section 50 of the Law of Society Act. Considering that section 50 of the law clearly states that “no person, other than a member who’s rights and privileges are not suspended, shall act as a barrister or solicitor to hold themselves out…

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  • Personal Statement: Teaching Justice

    Teaching Justice “You can’t handle the truth!”, this infamous line from A Few Good Men is what sparked my interest in the court room as a young child. I watched this movie in amazement that someone could have so much passion in the job they worked in, something so foreign and unfamiliar to me. My childhood consisted of crime television shows more than cartoons which only increased my desire to look for a career in the courtroom. As I became more aware of the legal struggle of my people, I…

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  • The Similarities Between Solicitors And Barristers

    categorized into two distinctive groups: solicitors and barristers. Solicitors serve as a point of contact for clients and provide advice on a wide array of matters, whether it be a civil, criminal, or business one. Conversely, barristers play the role of advocates for the solicitors within and outside of the courtroom and tend to specialize in one of the numerous fields of law. Typically, solicitors will call upon barristers when seeking advice and advocacy in the higher courts. In most…

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  • Management And Long-Term Decisions In Suits By Mike Ross

    Summary Main Characters The Main characters in Suits are Harvey Specter, Mike Ross, Louis Litt, Rachel Zane, Donna Paulsen and Jessica Pearson Setting The setting of Suits revolves around law and order. All the main characters work in a lawyer firm called Pearson Hardman that is located in Manhattan. Central point of view The central point of the show is how the how lawyers build their case. Also how they deal with personal issues and trying not to let it interfere with their work life. Plot…

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  • Essay On Paralegal Training

    Paralegal Training The types of paralegal training undertaken varies depending on the choice made by the aspiring paralegal. The paralegal can choose to try to find a job a small law firm as a paralegal and receive training on the job. The paralegal may want to get an Associates degree or he might want to get a Bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies. On-the-job Paralegal Training In the majority of states there is no requirement that paralegals be licensed or certified; thus, people can…

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  • What Is Role-Differentiation Tenable?

    Further reasons why role-differentiation is not tenable As the above critical discussion has shown, there is a difference in definition regarding the lawyer’s morality and the layperson’s morality, based on the role the person in acting in. Yet, the clean separation of roles does not exists. The nonexistence of the cab rank rule in America reflects that personal morality does affect the cases the lawyer takes on. Role-differentiation is problematic as it denies responsibility for unethical…

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  • Personal Injury Lawyer Research Paper

    Goal: to increase search engine rankings for personal injury in oklahoma Total Words in this Document: Title: Personal Injury Lawyers in Oklahoma: What You Need to Know Many times, legal situations arise and individuals involved may feel they don’t need any legal representation. However, even if it’s a minor fender-bender with only a few bruises or scrapes, calling a personal injury lawyer just to talk about the situation is always a good idea. Personal Injury Lawyers: The Basics Personal…

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  • Divorce Client Interview Sheet

    1. How do they compare with each other (discuss relative strengths and weaknesses) and how do they compare with Exhibit 3-1 in this chapter? Each and every one of the interview sheets has a different purpose. My first, client interview sheet, seems very general. This type could have been use prior to the interview, almost as questionnaire for the client to fill out before his first visit. Divorce client interview sheet is very detailed and specific to its purpose. I found interesting the use of…

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  • Going Through Divorce

    If you are in the process of getting divorced, you may be considering filing without a divorce attorney and just using court-provided documents or forms that you found online instead. Going through divorce is a stressful time for all parties involved, though, regardless of the circumstances, and The Law Offices of Conti & Levi in Torrington, CT, want to help. Here are four reasons to hire a divorce attorney before you proceed with filing: Relevant Advice: Your friends and family members might…

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