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  • The United Kingdom And Norway Case Study

    Case Studies: The United Kingdom and Norway The United Kingdom is an example of a European nation that while still maintaining some sort of native culture has managed to take in many immigrants and refugees, becoming in effect, one of the most diverse European countries. In a census taken in 2011, their population is 87.1% White, 7.0% Asian, 3.0% Black, 2.0% Mixed, 0.9% others. While that may not seem “diverse”, keep in mind that in 2014 the United States cited its population as only 77% White and that the population of the UK that year 59,647,790, making 7% roughly 4,175,345 people. This is also discounting refugees and immigrants not yet nationalized that may someday have need for entitlement or make use of the programs in other ways. The…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Voting Out Of The United Kingdom

    The European Union (EU) is a politico-economic union composed initially by 9 countries, but it has increased that number to 28 and is in the process of accepting more. This entity has as its purpose to promote of peace and the well-being of the Union’s citizens as well as to create a barrier- free zone to enhance the economic wealth of the countries that are members by creating efficiency within its marketplace. The EU has its headquarters located in Brussels- Belgium. The United Kingdom has…

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  • The United Kingdom Should Leave The European Union

    On June 23rd 2016, the United Kingdom is holding an “in-or-out” referendum in order to determine whether the United Kingdom should stay as part of the European Union (the EU) or leave the international organisation. The United Kingdom and the EU have an interesting history with many disagreements over institutions. This then caused a national identity crisis as to whether the United Kingdom wants to class itself as being ‘European’. This is relevant to the main argument for exiting the European…

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  • Comparing The Abortion Policy In The United Kingdom And Iran

    Alyssa Radtke Period 4 AP Comparative Government and Politics 2/27/2017 Abortion Policy in the United Kingdom and Iran The United Kingdom and Iran differ greatly in their abortion policies. While both countries protect abortions done in order to save the mother’s life, the timeline for these abortions and the number of other reasons for abortion are very different. The United Kingdom’s policies regarding abortion are ultimately more effective than Iran’s because Iran has thousands of…

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  • Case Study: The United Kingdom Construction Industry

    United Kingdom government lau There is a high level of uncertainty in in the construction industry in the United Kingdom, and specially investment in construction and infrastructure from the private and public sector. We can see a decreasing trend in the business confidence level (see Figure 4). Social Uncertainty for the continuity that the United Kingdom government support several schemes to help English to buy their houses such as equity loans, mortgage guarantee, newbuy, shared ownership5…

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  • Viner And Others V United Kingdom Summary

    Case comment on Vinter and others v the United Kingdom App. The essay sets out to discuss the Vinter and others v the United Kingdom. In particular, the essay focuses on facts that lead to the European Court of Human rights to hear the case. In addition, the paper discusses the Court’s decision and analysis of the decision using cases that have been heard after the Vinter and others v the United Kingdom. Summary of the facts that led to the European Court of Human Rights hearing The facts…

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  • Gender Equality In The United Kingdom

    The United Kingdom grants an interesting case study for wage equality development because of the extensive history of legislation present in the nation. Even though the United Kingdom is currently undergoing major changes with Brexit, much of the nation’s policies are still rooted deeply within the European Union’s policy. In 1957, the Treaty of Rome created the basis for gender equality in the United Kingdom. According to Article 119, all member states must legally provide equal pay for work…

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  • Brexit: Should The United Kingdom Leave The European Union?

    It was June 23rd and the question was simple, but the outcome and consequences could be huge. “Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union.” Voters had two options either, “Remain a member of the European Union” or “Leave the European Union.” One decision carries a lot more weight and much heavier outcome than the other. The Brexit vote is in, the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union and the Brexiters had some “decent” ideas as to why,…

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  • Campbell And Cosans V. United Kingdom Case Study

    In the Campbell and Cosans v. the United Kingdom case presented to the ECHR back in September of 1981, mothers of the Campbell and Cosans family fought for their philosophical beliefs on how their children should and should not be disciplined. The case brought up very important stances on the right of a teacher enforce corporal punishment, and the right of a student being denied education because he or she did not want to receive corporal punishment. The claims began from two different schools…

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  • Consequences Of The United Kingdom Joining The European Union

    are the factors that motivated United Kingdom exit European Union? What is unique about the United Kingdom from other members of the European Union? (Yixiao Xu) 1. Cressey, Daniel, and Alison Abbott. "Researchers reeling as UK votes to leave EU." Nature, 2016..doi:10.1038/nature.2016.20153. According to Nature, most scientists were against the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union. However, 52% of British people sill voted to leave. To analyze this outcome, we have to listen to…

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