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  • Why Do Schools Work In Schools

    but some are related directly to schools: Article 2 – all children have the right to protection from any form of discrimination. Article 3 – all adults should do their best for all children and the government needs to make sure that children are safe and well looked after. Article 12 – every child has the freedom to express their views about things that affects them and their age and maturity should be taken into consideration. Article 13 – every child has the right to receive and share information. Article 14 – every child has the right to freedom of religion and free to look after their beliefs. Article 28 – every child has equal right to education Article 29 – education should develop each child personality, talents and…

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  • Inequalities In Schools

    neighborhoods such as East Hartford and Hartford. Students attending schools in more affluent neighborhoods have better test scores and higher achievement goals than students studying in less wealthy districts. It was also shown that schools in the more affluent districts have better funding and resources due to the local property taxes that creates inequality. But what are the underlying causes for such a great achievement gap? Why students attending schools in more affluent neighborhoods…

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  • Charter Schools In Public Schools

    Charter schools are unique public schools that are allowed the freedom to be more innovative while being held accountable for advancing student achievement (“About Charter Schools”). In the United States, many different education reforms compete for the attention of political leaders, policy makers, parents, and school officials. Charter schools constitute one of the most widespread and important of these (Buckley and Schneider 1). Charter schools were created to help improve the United States…

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  • Sunday Schools

    During the nineteenth century schools in Great Britain were not ideal for women and even less so the lower your class. Most working class families could not afford to pay for their children 's, and especially their daughters education (McDermid, J. 2012). For the working class, girls were left with options such as Sunday schools, dame schools, and ragged schools. Girls in the upper-middle, or higher class often were taught at home with a special tutor or instructor (McDermid, J. 2012). Girls of…

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  • Technology In School

    I’m looking up research material for that paper due in English, emailing my school counselor about applications for college, or working on a Halloween project for the school haunted house, I’m using my smartphone. My smartphone is a little school companion. It holds example photos of that Spanish alter project, calendar dates for when papers are due, class notes on how molecule bonds are structured, and flashcards of those pesky drama vocabulary terms. When in class most of my teachers allow…

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  • The Importance Of School Hours In Schools

    Schools all over the country are starting to shorten school hours to save up money, the question many ask is…will shortening school hours be the right thing to do? Many students would say yes, it’s a great thing to do, and then there are those students who actually enjoy going to school & would say it’s unnecessary to cut school hours. Some parents argue with the school district as to why they would be so cheap to cut school hours & days and what the district has to say is that they’re simply…

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  • Mainstream Schools

    For many years, the greater number of children with Severe Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has been educated in special schools, excluded from their non-disabled peers. It is only in the last few years that this has started to change as more children with special needs are increasingly being given the right to a mainstream education. Parents of these children now have the choice about whether they want their child to attend a mainstream school, or a special needs school. Some people argue that…

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  • Schools Vs American Schools

    The school systems in America have been messed of for a good amount of time now. It’s time for us to make a difference in American school systems. Other countries in the world have amazing school systems that by far outrank The United States, take Finland for example. They have the best school system in the World! They have shorter schools days, no homework for kids and they still manage to beat us when it comes to learning! This is unacceptable when the U.S is the leader in everything else. So…

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  • Alertness In Schools

    sleep deprivation for teenagers may lengthen the amount of sleep that students get, there will always be students who, despite later school start times and a lighter load of homework, still fail to get enough sleep. This may be due to their own procrastination or simply the speed at which they need to work to grasp the content presented to them. In order to help these students, households and schools can easily implement inexpensive, additional policies to increase alertness during school hours.…

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  • Multiculturalism In Schools

    The education students receive in school are supposedly an enlightening experience that teaches students the main concepts such as math, english, science, and history. But the writers of Rethinking Schools disagree, specifically the writers of the subsection Multiculturalism and Anti-bias education. The lack of attention towards a diverse learning environment teaches the students to discriminate on race and specific gender roles. A diverse environment can change over time or can either stay the…

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