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  • Role Of A School Counselor

    Role a School Counselor Plays in a Public School Setting Ana Cristina Garza Texas A&M University – Kingsville Abstract This paper will show the research on teacher’s perceptions of the role a school counselor has in a public school. The articles that will be reviewed will talk about the characteristics and personalities schools counselors need to work in the public school system, not everyone has the characteristics to be a successful and proactive school counselor, the role of the school counselor as perceived by the teacher in the school system will be discussed as well as the different programs that are available in the school system that offer guidance and counseling to the students. The purpose of this…

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  • School Counselor Philosophy

    My philosophy of the role of the school counselor is that school counselors play a tremendous role in the life of their student and is very important for us, school counselors to be aware of our role in the students’ life. We play a big role in their development of different areas such as personal development, career/academic development, and social development. As stated by Erford (2010), The range of concerns and problems that professional school counselors are expected to address continues to…

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  • School Counselor Case Study

    Legal and Ethical Issues for School Counselors: Case Five The first issue in this case is whether or not it is acceptable to have sex with the spouse of a client. The answer is simply no. It is against the American Counseling Association Code of Ethics to have sex with you client, their spouse, their siblings, or their parents (Kaplan, 2006). It is even unacceptable to have sex with your client’s ex-partner (Kaplan, 2006). A relationship with any of these people represents an abuse of the…

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  • Assessment Instrument For School Counselor

    professional school counselors are to be knowledgeable of the “purposes, nature, results, reliability, validity, limitations, and appropriateness of any instrument” counselors utilize, while also being able to communicate all of those things to parents and students (Dollarhide & Saginak, 2017, p. 147). Therefore, when school counselors use various assessments such as surveys, focus groups, interviews, and personal observations, they should be able to use each of them to pull data that is…

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  • School Counselor Role

    Role of a school counselor History Beginning our journey, let us explain that the education field, which is closely related to that one of school counseling, has undergone and is still going through several reforms within the last decades. In fact, because the nation feared that the US was falling behind academically and the Nation at Risk Act was initiated, school counselors were sought to be “sociopolitical instruments to achieve national goals” (Erford 2011 as cited in Reiner, S., &…

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  • Reflection As A School Counselor

    Personal Reflection I found this project to be tremendously educational as a school counselor in training. I was able to find answers to the questions that I have wanted to know ever since I decided to pursue this line of work and complete this project feeling more confident than when I began it. One topic that the City High counselor and I talked about that was directly relatable to me was the fact that he received his Master’s degree in School Counseling at Arizona State and was easily able…

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  • School Counselors

    School counselors are advocates, leaders, collaborators and consultants who create systemic change by providing equitable educational access and success by connecting their school counseling programs to the district’s mission and improvement plans (The ASCA Ethnical Standards for School Counselors, 2016). A vital component of a counselor job is communicating with parents and engaging them in their child’s academic career. Counselors ought to inform parents of the mission of the school counseling…

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  • School Counselor Roles

    Introduction/Overview Chapter 7 in The Transformed School Counselor written by Carolyn B. Stone and Carol A. Dahir solely focus on Coordinators, Collaborators, and Manager of Resources in School Counseling field. There are three main roles for the school counselor that would greatly benefit the school, teachers/faculty, community, and more importantly, the students. These roles are Coordinators, Collaborators, and Managers of Resources. Coordinator is to organize and manage your time as a…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Career As A School Counselor

    Throughout my seven years as a School Counselor in the district I have developed several programs and maintained others. One program that I have taken on more of a leadership role in is the SRBI / PBIS team at Westside Middle School Academy. The SRBI / PBIS team and I meet weekly to discuss where we are and where we need to be. We utilize data to keep us informed of our current practices and reflect on what needs to be changed. We are constantly coming up with different ways to educate teachers…

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  • Wilson School Counselor Case Study

    management school counselors incorporate organizational tools to help reach the needs of the school (ASCA). According to ASCA National Model counselors are recommended to use 80 percent of their time directly and indirectly providing services to students (ASCA). The counselors at Wilson High School have gone through 3 different principals within a 10-year time frame. With each principal, there have come different obstacles and challenges, which have sometimes favored the role a school counselor…

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