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  • Greenfield Union School District: Case Study

    The Greenfield Union School district is using a variety of methods to ensure adequacy and equity was attained in the development of the local control accountability plan (LCAP) for teachers, parents, and students. In reviewing the Greenfield Union School District LCAP there were clear needs and metrics analyzed that were used to set goals to support the improvement of student success and safety. During the first stages of the LCAP implementation process the goal of district personnel was to increase stakeholders understanding of their requirements in meeting the state’s eight priorities as it related to the local control accountability plan. To facilitate this process district management created a four-step plan for reaching out to and informing a wide range of stakeholders of the new laws and requirements associated with the local control accountability plan to…

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  • Case Study: The Lower Merion School District

    The Lower Merion School District provided laptop computers to high school students as part of a one to one program. The program allowed the students to bring home a laptop computer provided by the school district. Unbeknownst to the students or their parents the laptop computers were all programed with spyware that gave the school district access to the computers’ webcam. The goal of the one to one program was to increase the connectivity between home and school for students. The access to…

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  • Challenges In Urban School Districts

    Challenges in Urban School Districts Brings about Difficulties for Students Attending Higher Level Education Although public education is free in America, students educated in the suburbs are taught differently than students in the inner cities. This leaves the suburbanites decently prepared for a college education for the reason that they have been taught by better qualified teachers who set higher education standards. Are there plans to solve this problem in our future? When I was young,…

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  • Reflection Of Working In The North Panola School District

    The school district I am currently working in is North Panola School District. Within this district there are six schools. Three elementary schools, one middle school, one high school, and a vocational center. This school district is based in Sardis, MS. The demographics of this school is about 93% African American. Where the majority of the students enrolled receive free lunch. This school district is in a rural area in Mississippi in a low socioeconomic environment. Most of the teachers that…

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  • Reflective Essay: My Utopian School District

    Criticisms of schools and districts across the nation are endless. As an educator who advocates for progressive schools and less traditional teaching strategies, having the ability to dictate details of my own utopian school district seemed like a fun, easy challenge—until I started trying to type. Running a whole school district entails a vast number of responsibilities and details to consider. This is one of the reasons I have zero interest in pursuing an administrative role. However, like the…

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  • Teacher Absenteeism: The Case Of The Cobb County School District

    on Student Performance: The Case of the Cobb County School District" (2009). Dissertations, Theses and Capstone Projects. 4. In this article, Finlayson examines the impact that teacher absenteeism has on the Cobb County School district. Moreover, the article examined several factors that were affected by teacher absenteeism. These factors include the financial impact that this is having on the district’s finances. More importantly, it examines the impact that teacher absenteeism has had on…

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  • Informal Challenges Of A School District

    1. My school is a high school in a small town in rural northwest Tennessee. It serves approximately 800 students in grades 9-12, with roughly 200 students per grade. Approximately half of these students are white, with African-Americans making up approximately thirty-five percent of the student population, Latinos making up approximately ten percent of the student population, and Asian, Pacific Islander, and other students making up the remaining five percent of the student population. The…

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  • Case Study: Island Trees School District V. Pico

    Trees School District v. Pico In March of 1982, the Supreme Court case of Island Trees School District v. Pico, five students, including the high school senior Steven Pico, fought in Washington D.C. for their first amendment right. The outcome of this case would forever change school districts rules and regulations across the nation. During the school year of 1975-1976, the Island Trees School District No.26 in New York banned the sum 11 novels from its school’s district junior high and high…

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  • Lssp Interview Report

    meet the demands from the parents as well as the administrators. She stated that she would like to incorporate more counseling into her role. However, I realized that there will be a district for me where I can incorporate counseling into my role because this is a role I would like to follow in the near future. When I asked the LSSP how she decided to become an LSSP, it seemed she was very unaware of the career. In my case, it reassured me that this was a career I wanted to follow because I was…

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  • Curriculum Reflection: Keystone Central School District

    Curriculum Reflection As a student and second year Special Education teacher at Keystone Central School District, my knowledge and experience with curriculum is minimal, yet valuable. While student teaching, I have also had the opportunity to experience teaching in two different districts that have curriculums that are followed rigorously. From these two differing experiences in my life, I have formed several personal views on how curriculum does not affect high quality instruction, as well as…

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