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  • Relationship Between Positive Future Expectations And Symptoms Of Depression

    Study 1 was about the “Positive Future fantasies and Symptoms of Depression in College Students” (Oettingen et al, 2016, p.2). The researchers examined the relations between positive future fantasies and symptoms of depression in 88 college students, concurrently and longitudinally. The students completed one measure at the beginning of the school semester and another one at the end. The students were given 12 open scenarios. Four of them was related to achievement, 4 to interpersonal relations, and 4 to health. They were told to think about the scenario and then write them down. Then they had to rate them separately for positivity and negativity. To get a positivity-of-fantasies score the researchers subtracted the negative score from the positive score. The researchers used Center of for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale (CES-D; Radloff, 1977) to assess symptoms of depression. They measured the depressive symptoms by subtracting the results of the first measure from the second…

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  • Student Work Reflective Essay

    chairman of IBM said, “Nothing so conclusively proves a man’s ability to lead others, as what he does from day to day to lead himself.” In my current position, the best things I can do to strengthen and improve the teaching profession are to teach to the best of my abilities, be a professional, maintain a positive attitude, keep my focus student-centered, and influence other teachers to do the same. One of my fellow teachers, Mrs. Pam Parris, and her exceptional children’s class, sponsor an…

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  • Comprehensive History

    The comprehensive history and physical examination (H&P) is made up of the following nine major components: history of present illness (HPI), past medical history (PMH), family history, psychosocial, review of systems (ROS), physical examination, laboratory data, problem list, and treatment plan. The HPI section addresses the current problem for which the patient is seeking care for and its chronological development up to the present time. The elements need to be documented are location,…

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  • Narrative Essay: Superior Court Cases

    When I spoke to my boss at the office about how confusing the questioning was, he explained that it is important to make the questioning confusing, so that the jury gets confused, as feels like they cannot find the defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. They were no objections made during the cross-examination. Attorneys can make an objection to the judge or question a piece of evident brought up during the case. After the defense was finished, cross-examine the first witness, the…

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  • How To Write A Reflective Essay On A Mock Test

    Reflection Task: Description It was during my last year of A-levels that I had a mock exam in PE, this exam was our first proper practice of a real A2 type paper that included everything we had been taught during the year. The whole of my class had to sit this test and we were graded and listed best to worst according to our marks, it also gave our teacher a guide for a prediction of our final grade. I was put under a lot of pressure by my peers and my teacher as I was deemed the best in the…

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  • Chinese Students In The United States

    universities across the United States has increased so dramatically that the total number of undergraduate students from China has doubled in the last two years. And now Chinese students have made up to one-third of the total international students in the states (Los Angeles Times, 3). However, not even few decades ago, there were less than 2000 students studying in the U.S. In addition, almost all of them were sent by government and were paid with full scholarships by top universities, mostly…

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  • Lumbar Spine: A Case Study

    This is a 54-year-old male with a 08/28/08 date of injury. A specific mechanism of injury has not been described. 12/11/15 Pain Management Follow-up and Appeal to UR indicated that the patient presented with complains of chronic pain in his low back and ankles together with feet bilaterally. The pain is 4/10-scale level. He is having chiropractic treatment and PT of the lumbar spine, which is increasing his ROM and functional capacity status. He is taking Norco 10/325 mg an Gabapentin 300 mg…

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  • Viral Conjunctivitis Case Study

    Based on Sherry’s health history, the examiner decided to perform vital signs and focused physical examination of the eyes and its associated systems. Therefore, the examiner performed a physical exam of head, ears, eyes, nose and throat (HEENT). Like other parts of the physical exam, it begins with inspection, and then proceeds to palpation (Bickley & Szilagyi, 2013). After taking Sherry’s health history, her Vital signs were taken in order to find out if there is any change in her baseline,…

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  • Symptomatology Case Studies

    pivot-shift test, drawer, and Lachman’s test. The patient’s socioeconomic status, prior level of function, and desired outcome should be considered when deciding upon a specific method of diagnosis. Medical imaging such as MRI and arthroscopy are expensive tests compared to physical examinations, which may influence the choice of intervention that a patient wants to participate in as well as their desired outcome. Background Question: What causes knee instability in athletes? PICO Question:…

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  • Affirmative Action Do What It Should By Dan Slatermarch Analysis

    affirmative action. Scholars later begin to refer to his theory as mismatch being that it can harm students placing them in a school that they’re not smart enough to attend and therefore having a…

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