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  • Analysis Of The Liver

    my opinion about the liver was not the best. I believed that the liver is valuable but only produces waste, which is no fun. However, as I began to research the liver and how it plays a huge part in my daily life it changed my perspective. Most things that humans ingest go through the liver at one point or another. The Liver has the ability to turn ineffective or pointless compounds into ones of use to the body. The liver is able to destroy or reconfigure toxins in the body, also it is able to help the body in regulating energy levels. Do you know that the liver can regenerate! It is one of a few organs that have the ability…

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  • Liver Transplants Essay

    Liver transplants were created with the intent to save those who suffer from liver damage/disease. “6,000 liver transplants are performed annually in the U.S., and the number continues to rise” (More About Organ Donation). Currently, there are approximately 17,000 people waiting to receive a new liver, many of these being alcoholics. The topic of alcoholics receiving liver transplants is such a controversy because alcoholics are viewed as being at fault for their liver failure. An alcoholic’s…

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  • Cirrhosis Of The Liver Essay

    Cirrhosis of the Liver The Liver is an organ that is in the human body. The liver plays an important role in the human anatomy. The Liver is located below the diaphragm in the upper right quadrant. It is the second largest organ in the human body. The Liver is about the size of a football and weighs around 3 to 4 pounds. Some of its main purpose is to metabolize most of the nutrients that enters the body and absorbers by the intestine. Some of the Liver’s main function is to help the body get…

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  • Liver Fibrosis Research Paper

    Introduction The liver is the second largest organ in the human body after skin considered as the largest gland in the body as it is about 2 percent of the whole body Weight in the adult around 3 pound in weight. The normal color of the liver is reddish brown it is located behind the ribcage on the upper right side Of the abdomen protected by rib cage. The live has a main function the filtration od the blood as it considered the liver is the most important Organ in human body as it has more…

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  • Liver Failure Research Paper

    Liver Failure: Liver Disease (Autoimmune Hepatitis) According to research, Liver failure patients experience chronic problems and accrue long term problems. Liver failure is an inflammation or a very un-normal function that occurs within weeks or days. (Clinic 15) There are various symptoms of this disease. Some symptoms can be known as swelling in your body such as in your feet, and hands. Another symptom is very unusual dark urine, loss of appetite, abdominal pain. The main symptom is known to…

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  • Alcoholics And Liver Transplantation Analysis

    In “Alcoholics and Liver Transplantation”, Carl Cohen and Martin Benjamin discuss whether alcoholics should get equally organs like others (patients) and who should receive transplanted organs. This is one of the most issues that arises and brings attention to the public. Cohen and Benjamin present this discussion by providing two arguments. The first argument is moral. Base on moral, alcoholics should not get the treatment for their transplantations. The reason is that they should blame for…

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  • Liver And Splenic Attenuation Essay

    Image analysis Liver and splenic attenuation measurements in HU were obtained by averaging two 1.0±0.1-cm2 circular region-of-interests (ROIs) placed above and below the main portal vein plane in both the unenhanced and portal venous phase contrast-enhanced images of each patient. To avoid partial-volume averaging effect, special care was taken to avoid measurements from vessels, focal lesions, areas of artifact, or near the edge of organ. Furthermore, only measurements from the posterior half…

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  • Liver Cirrhosis Research Paper

    Liver Cirrhosis Liver Cirrhosis is considered to be one of the deadliest disease among men and women nationwide. With its leading cause of death and illness mostly in the United States, roughly 5.5 million people, which is 2% of the U.S. population are affected by Cirrhosis. In essence, 26,000 deaths occur each year, but who/what age range does this disease usually affect? What are the causes and symptoms? Can it be cured? Let’s take a look at the facts and statistics! In the human body system,…

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  • Liver Disease Essay

    Alcohol destroys the body The liver is a vital complex organ with many functioning roles that keep the body in constant equilibrium. It holds a great role with digesting, absorbing, and transporting nutrients within the body. Liver disease is a serious matter that is faced in the United States and many other parts of the world. There are various ways that dietary nutrition can harm this much needed organ, but the culprit that will be discussed is alcohol. According to Blake J., Munoz K., & Volpe…

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  • What Is The Correlation Between Mast Cells And Liver Disease?

    Correlation between Mast Cells & Liver Disease Introduction: Our guest speaker was Heather Francis PhD who works at both Baylor Scott and White and adjuncts at Texas A&M University. She is a research scientist who has dedicated her studies into the correlation between mast cells and liver diseases. Dr. Francis, along with her research team, has found a link between some hepatic pathologies: cancer and cirrhosis, and an increase in the number of mast cells. Paracrine Interaction: Dr. Francis…

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