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  • Personal Narrative: My View On Religion

    When I was a child, going to church every Sunday was expected from me. I was always actively involved with my church in one way or another. Whether it was participating in their musical or going to a Christian camp in the White Mountains. My early life was heavily influenced by Christianity in many ways. But it all came crashing down when I left my church. Our favorite minister had retired and no one in my family felt the need to get up every Sunday morning and go to church. We stopped talking to the other members of our church and eventually, they stopped going too. Ever since then, my view on religion and faith has completely shifted. I remember waking up on Sunday mornings to the smell of breakfast waiting for me in the kitchen. My mom wasn’t the best cook, but she did her best with what we had. Sunday mornings were special because she had the time to make big breakfasts. My personal favorite meal was pancakes. I would watch cartoons as my brother and I chowed down our breakfast. Every Sunday was a carbon copy of the one before. We would drive to the church in our green mini-van and park in the back parking lot behind the bank. We would walk through the front entrance of the church and be greeted by two volunteers at the door. We would climb the stairs and when we would reach the top, more volunteers would give us programs that told us the schedule for the service. My family would walk to the front of the room and sit in the pews closest to the minister. I would then be…

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  • Fish Kill Research Paper

    fish in an ecosystem, they are also very common in Florida and not all Algae Blooms are toxic. The last type of fish kills are human induced. Some of the more common human fish kills include accidental contamination. Some of which have occurred recently include farm runoff, chemical spills, and broken pipelines. The most remembered toxic spill as mentioned by the article occurred in Mulberry, Florida in 1997 where over 60 millions gallons of contaminated water was dumped down Skinned Sapling…

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  • Nequasset Case Study

    Problem What is the aquatic health of the Nequasset lake tributaries as analyzed through chemical and biological parameters as well as physical habitat assessment? What factors, both natural and human-influenced, contribute (positively or negatively) to the health of the Nequasset lake tributaries? Background Information Weather or not we realize it, as people that (presumably) live in the Bath area, the streams that flow into Nequasset are very important to our survival. They are numerous, and…

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  • Spring Creek Chemistry Lab Report

    ensure the pH probe was reading correctly. Then the probe was submerged into slow moving water. The pH value obtained from the creek was checked against a pH strip. Once the probe displayed a constant value, the value was recorded, and the probe was taken out of the creek and placed back in the storage solution. The conductivity meter was standardized by placing it into a standard conductivity solution of 10 ± 0.1 µS. The value was recorded, and then the meter was placed into the creek. Once…

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  • Water Diversity In Urban Areas

    Introduction: Urban areas contribute pollutants that wash off of areas that are not native to the area (Sanders, et. Al. 2001). These pollutants caused by urban areas contribute the deterioration of water quality in stream and runs which make up a significant part of the bodies of water in the state of Ohio. Water quality is crucial for the fish and macroinvertebrates species that can sustain a community in that specific body of water, any change in this quality can change the entire diversity…

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  • Effects Of Water Pollution In China

    The vibrant colors of magenta and orange filled the body of water by the drop, as it oozed from the rancid, corroded drainage system (Kang 30). The mixing of acidic chemicals created these colors, and produced nasty, murky water. Kang states, “When oil spills occur, the water is coated with a greasy sheen, and ugly, yellow bubbles seem to blister its surface” (30). When looking at photographs of the Yellow River, the waterway is a brownish-red tint, and looks like humans tossed dead carcasses…

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  • The Importance Of Aquatecture

    Title: Aquatecture Background: A third of the earth is covered in water, and most of the world’s population lives close to large bodies of water, including the Philippines which is made up of islands. Thus encouraging naval architecture and stilt designs Water has been important in helping create architecture, from the people who lived by the two rivers; Tigris and Euphrates to the people of Dubai who are living on artificial islands today. Since we highly depend on, use and live with water, it…

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  • U-High Creek Water Quality

    The water quality of the U-High Creek was identified as excellent, but not all bodies of water have excellent water quality. Humans can pollute water in many ways, and make it unsuitable for organisms living in the water. One way humans can pollute water is when farmers put pesticides and fertilizers on their crops, which contain harmful chemicals like phosphates and Nitrates. When it rains, the pesticides get washed away through the soil and end up in rivers, streams, and creeks, therefore…

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  • Fishing In America Essay

    How long have people been fishing, not only for fun, but as a source of food? The answer, thousands of years, in “Egyptian artwork from 2000 B.C. shows people fishing” ( Hopkins 6). It is surprising, yet understandable knowing that even ancient people fished. It would of been an easy source of food. The lakes, rivers, streams, etc. were all full of a diverse population of fish, which would of made fish an easy meal to catch and eat. They were the first people to begin fishing so the…

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  • Water Pollution In Florida

    moving right around the areas of lakes and springs are causing more pollution into the water (Call and Stephenson). Sugar and citrus is another problem that is causing pollution (Three Battles). The reason for all this pollution in the water is our own residents and our own government. All of us Floridians think nothing of what we do and our actions and don’t think of the pollution we are causing. Rather we just drop trash and not put them in garbage cans, throwing things in the water that you…

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