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  • Case Study Pulmonary Hypertension

    Medical conditions are scary and the conditions are even more devastating when it is your loved one that is given the diagnosis. Several emotions flood the mind at the exact moment the news is disclosed to the family. Recently, a 48 year old, female that was considered to be a beloved mother, wife, and daughter, was diagnosed with a rare medical condition known as Pulmonary Hypertension which affects the pressures in the heart and lungs. The disease had been misdiagnosed over a year before a very special doctor gave the family hope; this is Helen’s journey with a terminal illness. Beginning the spring of 2015, Helen’s symptoms were present. She thought she had a cold due to the weather change. Helen was experiencing a cough, runny nose, shortness of breath, and tiredness; she felt miserable. Her husband, Paul, recalls telling her to go to the doctor because the symptoms persisted longer than the length of a normal cold; however, Helen believed that she would be fine and continued to treat herself with over-the-counter medication and an inhaler that she had at home. After several months of continuous illness, Helen experienced an episode of not being able to breathe. The ambulance had to be called to her home where she received oxygen immediately. She arrived at the hospital within two hours of the call to 911, but that was not soon enough; Helen had to be placed on a ventilator. The fight for her life was on and her family was beside themselves. Distinctly, Paul recalls…

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  • Cirrhosis Essay

    Cirrhosis: A Scarring Disease of the Liver Cirrhosis is a progressive disease, it gradually develops over numerous years, in anticipation of stopping liver function. Muir’s (2015) stated “Cirrhosis is a form of chronic liver disease (CLD) resulting from sustained liver damage from several causes, including viral infection, autoimmune disorders, cholesteric and metabolic disease (e.g., nonalcoholic fatty liver diseases [NAFLD]), or heavy alcohol use” (p. 1822). The liver is the largest solid…

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  • Sari Midwifery Case Studies

    While providing care for Sari a number of clinical management issues arise. Firstly, Sari’s pregnancy was conceived through intrauterine insemination (IUI), risks associated with artificial reproductive technologies were likely reviewed with Sari and Jane prior to intervention . It is important that the midwife be aware of potential risks associated with this method of conception and able to review these with Sari and Jane if they have questions. IUI can include increased risks of preterm birth,…

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  • Should Alcoholics Compete Equally For Liver Transplantation

    This paper seeks to determine whether it is morally sound to exclude alcoholics from the transplant waiting list or if alcoholics should be placed in a lower slot on the list. One side argues that alcoholics should get equal access to new livers and that all should be placed on the waiting list regardless of the reason that they are in need of a new liver. The other side believes in what is known as maximum benefit, or the idea that alcoholics should not be excluded from the list, but should be…

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  • Liver Cirrhosis Research Paper

    Liver Cirrhosis Liver Cirrhosis is considered to be one of the deadliest disease among men and women nationwide. With its leading cause of death and illness mostly in the United States, roughly 5.5 million people, which is 2% of the U.S. population are affected by Cirrhosis. In essence, 26,000 deaths occur each year, but who/what age range does this disease usually affect? What are the causes and symptoms? Can it be cured? Let’s take a look at the facts and statistics! In the human body system,…

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  • Gallbladder Research Paper

    The liver is located under the diaphragm in the upper right side of your abdominal cavity. It has many important jobs including digestive processes. It also carries out many metabolic and regulatory functions in the body and is also responsible for producing bile to breakdown fats in the food we eat. The gallbladder is similar to a small storage sac, it helps the liver to store bile. The liver and gallbladder connect by the common bile duct. Many disease states can affect these two closely…

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  • What Is The Correlation Between Mast Cells And Liver Disease?

    Correlation between Mast Cells & Liver Disease Introduction: Our guest speaker was Heather Francis PhD who works at both Baylor Scott and White and adjuncts at Texas A&M University. She is a research scientist who has dedicated her studies into the correlation between mast cells and liver diseases. Dr. Francis, along with her research team, has found a link between some hepatic pathologies: cancer and cirrhosis, and an increase in the number of mast cells. Paracrine Interaction: Dr. Francis…

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  • Biliary Cirrhosis Case Study Essay

    The primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC) is a condition that affects the liver and destroys the bile duct in the liver. Bile is a fluid that plays an important role of digesting foods and help to get rid of the toxins in the body (MayoClinic, 2014). Sodium concentration requires to be tested in order to identify any abnormal concentration of sodium. In the case study, the patient’s sodium level was 121 mmol/L but her TC value was 322 milligrams per deciliter (Farooqi & Hashim. 2015). The normal range…

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  • Nursing Field Experience Essay

    at WLC. She shared with me that her original plan was to go into pediatrics oncology; which did not work out. During her clinical experiences she was placed on a floor that dealt with a mixture of serious diseases. After graduation she was offered a job position on that same floor. The specific floor she currently works on has children who are dealing with cardiac and hepatology complications. She expressed much joy about her career and the role she plays in the children’s healing experience.…

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  • Breastfeeding Vs Bottle Feeding Essay

    reasons where the mother is unable, or unwilling, to breastfeed, it is important to select a suitable infant formula based on the infant’s individual needs, and medical condition. According to empirical evidence, there are many studies that show breastfeeding is the most optimal way to provide nutrients to a newborn, but again it is not the only way. The empirical evidence also demonstrates that breast feeding is the more preferred choice by professionals, as it promotes a healthier immune…

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