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  • Biliary Cirrhosis Case Study Essay

    abnormal range of liver test. In the study, the first test showed an abnormal liver panel of alkaline phosphatase of 525 mg/dL and the normal range is between 35 to 104 units per litre. The patient’s total bilirubin was 10 mg/dL and the normal range is 0.2- 1.3 mg/dL, as well the bile acid was greater than 180 micromoles/litre. The antimitochondrial antibodies (AMA) test should been order for diagnosing PBC, because the autoantibodies in the blood react to inner lining of mitochondria. Mitochondria create energy to run the cell and AMA connects the protein antigens that have multienzyme compound. So, the AMA reacts against the component of multienzyme complex (MedicineNet, 2015). In addition, the patient had a history of mild jaundice and scleral icterus. Jaundice is one of the symptoms of PBC due to a increase level of bilirubin in the blood. Also, the lipoprotein X affects the TC level of the patient and raised bile acids in her liver. The PBC cause the TC level to rise (Farooqi & Hashim. 2015). In conclusion, the patient’s sample shown a high level of total cholesterol due to primary biliary cirrhosis and hyponatremia. Hyponatremia is a condition that may leads into a heart failure, liver, pneumonia and kidney problem. And, the sodium level is the primary cause because sodium is important in the body. Having a high and low sodium can cause a health problem. The normal range of sodium levels is 135 to 145 mEq/L and level with lower than 135 is consider hyponatremia. In…

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  • Neonatal Care Essay

    People who are for it are usually the parents, doctors, and nurses. It 's a doctor 's job to do everything they can to try and keep an individual alive. Doctors often base neonatal care with age and other factors that could have caused the baby to be born premature. There are many other problems that doctors look for to put the infant into the neonatal intensive care unit. Some of these problems are breathing issues, bleeding in the brain, heart conditions, gut and digestive disorders, eye…

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  • History Of The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

    of the ventilator is to give the baby small breaths of oxygen called “baby breaths”. An important machine for premature babies is the incubator, this machine acts as the womb having the perfect temperature, humidity level, and oxygen for the baby. This is a good growing environment because it reduces complications from the outside world. The Neutral-Thermal Environment, more commonly known as the Warmer, is debated as the most important time for the baby in the NICU. It give the parents no…

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  • Neonatal Nurses Essay

    to me, but now it does. When a baby has gone through stress in utero, they have built up a tolerance to stress and pain. Their bodies have felt factors of strain, and can deal with it a lot better than babies who have not been exposed to stressors before. After a neonate is born, it is important to help prevent stress as much as you can. Babies are constantly being assessed, held, bathed, and fed. Swaddling has been proven to help distress neonates, by being wrapped up in a blanket tightly…

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  • Rhesus Disease Research Paper

    Mildly affected infants can have little to no anemia and may show only hyperbilirubinemia because of the continuing hemolytic effect of the Rh antibodies that have crossed the placenta previously. Moderately affected infants can have a mixture of both anemia and hyperbilirubinemia/jaundice. In severe cases of fetal hyperbilirubinemia, kernicterus develops. Kernicterus is a neurological condition caused by the deposition of bilirubin into central nervous system tissues. Kernicterus typically only…

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  • Gallbladder Case Study

    gallbladder into a hard, rigid vessel (i.e. like the porcelain of china). Porcelain gallbladder is associated with gallbladder cancer, but the precise nature of the association is uncertain. The symptoms of gallbladder cancer overlap with the symptoms of gallstones and biliary colic. Abdominal pain may be of a more diffuse and persistent nature than the classic right upper quadrant pain of gallstone disease. Jaundice, anorexia, and weight loss often indicate more advanced disease. Gallbladder…

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  • How Did Hitler Use Medical Experiments

    interred were political opponents of the Nazis. These prisoners were Communists, Social Democrats, and others who had been tried in a court. Later Dachau was a model for other concentration camps and served to school the SS. The medical experiments at concentration camps were an attempt to better the Aryan race and were conducted at the camps. The experimentation was so horrifying doctors in recent times have declined to use the data gathered by Nazi physicians to help people who have been…

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  • Contact Therapy Case Study

    “PLANTS USED IN CONTACT THERAPY BY TRIBALS OF NANDURBAR DISTRICT, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA” M. B. Patil ABSTRACT The paper deals with the study of some ethnomedicinal plants species used in contact therapy, mainly in Chicken pox, Fever, Jaundice, Rheumatic pains and for abortion, Acceleration delivery, Prevent miscarriage, etc. Contact therapy, in which locally available plants, plant parts are made to touch the specific part of the body of the person or domestic animal by the tribal doctors is…

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  • Catch 22 Satirical Analysis

    fires, and effects training.”this statement from the article (https://www.army.mil/article/92098/increase_in_mission_set_brings_new_training_to_jb_mdl Increase in mission set brings new training to JB MDL; By Capt. Antonia Edwards, 174th Infantry Brigade). This examples how in today's society you can not miss use your power as the officers did in Catch 22 because their are set rules and laws. Another example of power being misused in Catch 22 is the the nurses. In the beginning of the story…

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  • Essay On Delayed Cord Clamping

    cord clamping in the form of increased risk of polycythemia and jaundice. Jaundice in infants is treated with phototherapy which raises a new question of if the benefits of the delayed cord clamping out way any risk of phototherapy. The same hemoglobin concentration the help prevent iron deficiency can overload the neonates system causing jaundice and the baby needing photo therapy. Polycythemia, which is more red blood cells in the blood, may be beneficial because it means more oxygen being…

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