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  • Jaws Sound Analysis

    Jaws has been memorable since its release in 1975, but most of its success is due to the magic of editing, which helped hide mechanical defects of production while heightening suspense, and its iconic music, both of which cemented Jaws’ position as a blockbuster. Though the concept of the titular creature becomes obvious shortly after the film beings, the crazily large man eating shark remains mostly unseen throughout the film. Unfortunately, the technology was not available to construct a large realistic shark, so rather than come off looking absurdly unrealistic, the choice was made to leave the image of the shark up to the editors, who were left with horrible raw footage of a floating barge, and transformed it into something the viewers were genuinely afraid of.…

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  • The Conflict Of Jaws

    At its core, Steven Spielberg’s 1975 film, Jaws, is a horror movie. Though the shark may seem like the primary antagonist of the film from this, as it literally eats people, such a claim would ignore the role of Amity Island’s Mayor Vaughn, as portrayed by Murray Hamilton. In the first half of the movie, Vaughn is constantly at odds with Chief Brody, wanting to push his own agenda of making money from tourism during the summer. In seeing Vaughn as another antagonist, another conflict that’s not…

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  • Fear In The Film Jaws

    Horror films have multiple ways of invoking fear in the viewer with the different movie tactics used to present fear. In the film Jaws the way the director present fear towards the viewer is by the way the movie was filmed, having just a camera as the shark builds upon suspense of the shark looking for victims, it shows how we are more scared of the things we cannot see like the shark instead of things we can see, in the beginning of the movie we didn't see a shark but halfway through we see the…

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  • Jaws Movie Conclusion

    Jaws Jaws is a book by American author Peter Benchley. It is based on a true story of two amateur fishermen who caught and killed a great white shark that attacked and killed four people along the East Coast of America in 1916. It was published in 1974 and shortly after was made into a movie in 1975. Jaws is about a gigantic, terrifying, great white shark that preys on anyone and everyone on Amity Island. Jaws was a first of its kind. People knew of sharks and had known little about them;…

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  • Analysis Of The Movie Jaws

    In 1975 director Steven Spielberg released the soon to be award winning movie Jaws. The adventure and also thriller movie cost eight million to make. Then racked up two hundred sixty million in the box office during its whole release in theatres. The inspiration for this movie, was brought from a real life story. When four people were killed by a great white in a sequence of attacks near the sea, in 1919, it was later caught and killed by two amateur fishermen. The two lead actors in Jaws are…

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  • Summary: The Importance Of Suspense In Jaws

    A quick cut reveals a close-up of a drowning body flailing underwater as blood enters the screen. Another quick cut exposes the tense protagonist as he begins to process what the viewer already knows. As his understanding of the situation grows, his panic seeps off the screen and into the real world; this is the climax of the second attack of the infamous “Jaws shark” from the 1975 blockbuster, Jaws. The second attack scene has a unique ability to create a substantial impact on the viewer…

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  • Narrative Techniques In The Film Jaws

    Jaws is a classic American thriller film released in 1975 that had swept the nation with its iconic story about a ginormous man-eating shark attacking the poor citizens of Amity Island. Cue creepy, terrifying shark music. An action! Duunnn dun…. dun…dunn…dun..dun..dun..dun.. Jaws is more than a successful film, it is a film that is renowned with the title of “film history’s highest grossing movie of all time” (Gottlieb 11). However, aside from begin a timeless hit the process of making the film…

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  • Hollywood's True Influence Of Jaws

    Most people have heard the famous shark motif from Jaws at least once in their life, whether they’ve known it or not. The infamous theme comes from a classic movie from 1975 that is iconic for its music, plot, director, and use of camera angles to progress the suspense in the film. This ahead-of-its-time movie sets the standard by which all summer blockbusters have since been measured, and became one of the most influential movies in film history. The power of a good movie that's so ahead of its…

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  • Mise-En-Scene Analysis Essay On Jaws

    Noe Molina Analysis Essay #2 JAWS Prompt B JAWS is a 1975 mystery/drama that will leave you guessing on what is going to happen next. Set near a tourist town in New England, police chief Martin Brody struggles to decide whether to close a beach because of a recent shark attack or not. The movie continues as mayor Larry Vaughn wants to leave the beach open because of the amount of revenue that could be lost. Both go back and forth on the decision, until ship captain Quint and Matt offer Brody a…

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  • Spielberg's Techniques To Create Suspense In The Movie Jaws

    The movie Jaws is a 1975 thriller film that was directed by the legendary Steven Spielberg, it was recognized as the blockbuster of the summer of 1975. The story is constructed about killer white shark that attacks beachgoers on summer resort place named Amity Island. The film was released in the summer of 1975 and it is based on the novel that was written by Peter Benchley. The beginning of the movie shows a girl leaving a party during the night on Amity Island and she elects to go swimming…

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