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  • Giordano: Jazz Dance

    choreography in Jazz dance. He was born on July 10, 1923 in St. Louis, Missouri. Giordano was introduced to Jazz dance when he was 5 while on a trip to New Orleans to visit family. His cousin had taught him the Charleston dance step and he was hooked. When he returned home he soon began to study dance with a local dance teacher. Minette Buchman is whom Giordano credits his early training to. Giordano took ballet and theater dance classes as well as vocal lessons and other classes taught by guest artists visiting his area. Giordano did not take any Jazz classes because that style of dance was not a concert dance style and did not exist at the time. Giordano participated in World War II. He enlisted into…

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  • Jazz Dance History

    Jazz Dance: Know All About That You Can Jazz Dance is an American Art form with roots in West African traditional dance. It is an individual style dance performed with a rhythmic focus, in dialogues with gravity. The dance started with tap, then traveled the social circle with dances like the Charleston, big apple, and the jitterbug and then become a formalized technique through the innovators such as Jack Cole. With the demand of its circulation, studios started giving more of the classes…

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  • Essay On Jazz Dance

    my interpretation of Jazz dance has evolved. Originally, I had no idea what Jazz dance was or what it consisted of. After being in the class for a couple of weeks now, my perception of Jazz dance is that it is an art style that involves multiple rhythms of the body, which coincides with music. To reiterate from the readings, I believe it is too complex to actually try to define what Jazz dance is, since everyone who performs it experiences it much differently. Attempting to define Jazz dance…

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  • Jazz Dance Essay

    routine is the jazz routine and it begins with the dancers off stage. Once the music starts the beats in the music que them on. They walk out slowly, looking down. The only dancer that begins fast but slows down is the one that taught the other dancers this routine. Another beat signals for them to start. One dancer in the middle begins before the others. For the most part the dancers are synchronized, except for an occasional move that is not on the beat. The dancers in the front have bigger,…

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  • Katherine Dunham's Influence On Modern And Jazz Dance

    the twentieth century-dance. Though, Dunham wasn’t the first African American choreographer she was known as the most successful in bringing African aesthetics to the dance stage and developing her own unique technique. Therefore she is widely considered the founder of black concert dance in the United States and also a major influence on the idioms of both modern and jazz dance. From the 1930s through the 1960s, her company toured the United States, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. She…

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  • How Did Jazz Music Affect Society

    that are around. Throughout history, music has been evolving and new genres had been created. As of today, there are hundreds if not thousands of music genres that have been created, including Jazz and Trap music. Jazz music, which has come about in the late 1800s, is a genre that was created by African Americans in New Orleans. It grew its popularity in the 1920s when Louis Armstrong first introduce the early form of Jazz which was influenced by Ragtime and Blues. Others perceive Jazz as a…

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  • Feminism In The Jazz Age

    paradigm new ideals came about as for a new music, it became the jazz age. In this paper I will cover the history of jazz and feminism, and how they came together to give women a sense of empowerment through the medium of…

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  • Jazz Influence On African American Culture

    easier. The introduction of commercial radio changed how people could receive music and news. The radio gave people access to a wide variety of music (Jazz par. 2). Cars were being produced quicker and cheaper by the invention of the assembly line. This made cars affordable for the middle class (Jazz par. 5). Cars, radios, appliances, and telephones became common household items (Jazz par. 4). Another thing that technology changed were movies. Many people started going to movie theaters (Jazz…

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  • Essay On Jazz Style

    Jazz Style Globalization is strongly impacting the connections for social and cultural levels. There are distinctive differences among the global, national and local communities. For example, the economic migration has led to rapid social changes at local and national level that also impact globally. The music changes are also linked to the ambiguity regarding the sense and identity of a place. The most directly affected by the commercial music trends are the young people. They experience global…

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  • Doubleness And Jazz Music Analysis

    Jazz music is a staple of the Civil Rights movement, signifying the long struggle and the long-awaited freedom of African-American people in the United States. Jazz musicians, such as Nina Simone and Billie Holiday, worked tirelessly to get their messages across in order to further the Civil Rights movement. While all art forms seem to come with a sense of irony, it appears that jazz is the most prone, due to the ever-lingering racism of the United States, the self-proclaimed superiority of…

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