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  • Comparing Lindy Hop And The Argentine Tango

    Lindy Hop and The Argentine Tango Dance and music play an important role in the cultural traditions of various societies. I chose to focus on two social dances from different cultures that are still celebrated today. For my familiar dance, I selected Lindy Hop which originated in the United States. This dance form is often shown in movies, and the free flowing movements caught my attention. Through my preliminary research, I discovered the Argentine Tango which interested me due to its improvisational nature and the ways music inspires movement. These dances share the social aspect of their performance, but differ in origins and style. Social and Cultural Origins Lindy Hop is a form of swing dancing developed in Harlem, New York during the 1920s. This dance originated from within the African African community with European…

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  • Evolution Of Swing Dance

    independent dance style anymore. There are more Charleston steps invented such as side, back, fly or double Charleston, but all of this are just the part of the Lindy Hop movements. Balboa Another popular swing dance is called Balboa that was originated in Southern California during the 1920s/30s. A lot of dance historians believe that this dance was influenced by Foxtrot, but others state that it was evolved from the Charleston. Although it is clear that Balboa dancers were influenced by the…

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  • Philip Roth's Plot Against America

    Lindbergh did this by using his status as an american aviation hero to enchant his followers. During the republican convention, Lindbergh managed to break the deadlock in the contested convention by flying his plane into Philadelphia at 3:17 in the morning and waltzing onto the convention in his flying attire. This awe-inspiring demonstration provokes an impassioned enough response to win him the republican nomination, “at the sight of him, a surge of redemptive excitement brought the wilted…

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  • Hip Hop Elements

    What are the fundamentals (elements) of hip-hop and what do they mean? In addition to those, what else do you remember being repeated over and over again? The three main hip hop elements are sharp movements, dancing into the ground, and musicality. Sharp and tense movements are a key characteristic of hip hop and without it hip hop looks very sloppy. Dancing into the ground is basically keeping it low and kind of being heavy and having big movements. Musicality is really important for hip hop…

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  • Summary: Broken Tooth Brewing

    Broken Tooth is connected to both Bear Tooth and Moose’s Tooth however, a primary market of Broken Tooth is Alaska’s brewery industry. The nature of competition amongst the brewing companies in Alaska is growing. In 1986 the brewing company in Alaska was created in the past 30 years and the chart above that shows the current and the near future brewery count in Alaska has grown to over 30 (ADN, 2016). Many brewery owners have previously worked for each other or with one another. One example is…

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  • Description Of The Erie Canal

    Spanning 365 miles in length, the Erie Canal was first created in 1825. Since that time, it has become a popular destination for Erie Canal houseboat rentals. From May to November, the canal comes alive as houseboat vacationers and boaters fill the area. At the Erie Canal's marinas, visitors can find all of the amenities that they need to traverse the waterways. Motor boats can be rented for the day, and houseboat rentals are readily available. Visitors can select from houseboats ranging from…

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  • Australian Beer Industry Essay

    Although no one probably thought it was possibly, people can now help save the world - specifically the Great Barrier Reef in Australia - by drinking beer. James Grugeon, founded The Good Beer Company under the notion of "getting people to do good" primarily when it pertains to climate change and protecting the environment. Mashable reports: "The company's first iteration is the Great Barrier Beer, with 50 [percent] of profits going to the Australian Marine Conservation Society to help protect…

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  • Business Case Study: Root Bear Floats

    “The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same” - Coin R. Davis. At my school’s farmer’s market I sold refreshing and delicious root beer floats and of course I couldn’t have done without my fantastic partner Lila Blees. To go along with our out of this world product we had to have a great name. That name was Root Bear Floats. During this project we learned about profit margins and recognized things we did well and things could improve on in the future. During this…

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  • Millercoors Merger Case Study

    MillerCoors is a combination of SAB Miller and Molson .The main operations of this company is in Milwaukee where our Former Miss Famu Domonique James is currently working. The Miller Coors merger occurred in 2007 although the talks of both companies coming together was discussed for some time.This merger of both companies was created in order to better compete against other beer companies and decrease competition.The combination of the two beer leaders would be considered among the world's…

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  • New Belgium Brewery Slogan Analysis

    New Belgium Brewery is one of the top breweries in the world. They are not a large brewery like Anheuser Busch or Miller, but they are at the head of the list when it comes to microbreweries. New Belgium Brewery began in Colorado and was created by a husband and wife who obtained a tremendous idea. Their idea was to produce quality beer with a particular kind of yeast that gave it the name “Belgium beer” (Ferrell & Hartline, 2014). New Belgium Brewery uses critical marketing structures to…

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